Weekend Fun!

Sorry, no pictures.  I didn’t take many and my iPhone is very sick and unresponsive right now; therefore, the few pictures I did take are inaccessible.

On Friday, SMS and I went out with the couple we’re going to Sapporo and Niseko with in February. I wanted to go to Charcoal Grill Green but all three places were full.  Next time, don’t call the day of for reservations!  We went to an Italian place in the neighborhood and it was pretty tasty.  We all had pasta except for Jeff who had a delicious, albeit fatty, chicken dish.  Then we walked to Motomachi which was a little farther than I realized but it was nice to walk through Yokohama.

Saturday was a crazy lazy day.  I just sat around the apartment and rested, read, ate and just hung out. Around 5, SMS and I went over to our friends for pizza and an Elf viewing.  We used our Dominos card from our Amazing Race winnings to pay for most of the pizza.  You do not get a lot for your money here!  The sizes are small and the specialty pizzas quickly climb to Y3000+ for a large.  We had a great time and I enjoyed watching one of my favorite Christmas movies.

Sunday was a little less lazy.  SMS went climbing and I had a fun local day.  First, I went on a 5 mile run which felt pretty good.  I showered and got ready for some Yokohama shopping with Melinda.  We went to Mr. Waffle, the Loft in SOGO mall (my favorite shopping in Japan, aka Japanese Target), Mango Tree Cafe for lunch, Red Brick Warehouse and Motomachi.  In Motomachi, we met up with Alaina and Amanda.  We went to the World Wine Bar and it was awesome!  We had such a fun time catching up and Amanda made a new friend with the mannequin in the window.  They were having a tasting event and we ended up purchasing a case of delicious Chilean wine.  We split the price four ways and I’m hoping the case will be split four ways.  I imagine it will be unless Melinda has convenient amnesia when the bottles are delivered.  BTW, let it be known that among the highly educated group I was hanging out with, we initially thought the Chile flag looked a lot like the Texas state flag.  It can happen.  We also checked out Tomei’s wine bar on the back street of Motomachi, passed the Starlight restaurant that we want to go back to and finally headed home.  While Melinda had the next day off, the rest of us had to get home and asleep for work!  On the way back, we made another stop at Mr. Waffle (yay!) and a shall-not-be-named store to pick up some small gifts for my Mom and sister.

SMS had a great climbing day at Jogasaki and I think I’ll go with him next time.  He said the three hour drive each way was a little long so maybe we can camp or stay at a guesthouse!

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