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Fuji-San from the Shinkansen

I came back to work a day late (and a dollar short, ha ha).  I actually operated the day after I came back, but I felt nice and rested so my patients and I felt fine to proceed.  Everything went great.  The next day, I had a clinic day followed by the weekend!

SMS and I stuck close to home on Saturday.  We moved into high gear Saturday afternoon and made a delicious dinner, which we shared with our friends Carl and Liz who live nearby.  SMS made delicious, perfect nachos and I made chicken tinga for tacos with corn tortillas, guacamole, cheese and sour cream.  It was delicious and so nice to hang out with friends.

Potato chips on top of salad- yes, please!

On Sunday, SMS had a photo shoot and I left to head down to Sasebo for a quarterly TDY clinic run.  I saw 20 patients on Monday, including two procedures!  Sagoy!  That’s a heavy load for me over here in Japan, although it’s pretty similar to residency.  Honestly, it’s sort of nice to be that busy because one, I feel very efficient and two, it’s what I actually love to do rather than fill my days with boring collateral duties.  Monday night, a small group went to Tonchinkan, which I think has the best yakitori in Japan!

On Tuesday, I saw two more patients before leaving for Iwakuni.   I took the circuitous route and stopped in Nagasaki for a half day.   More on Nagasaki in a separate post.

Okonomiyaki to-go after being upended in my bag.  It may not look like much but it’s tasty!

Iwakuni brought more patients in the form of a full day of clinic on Wednesday OR and a half-day on Thursday.  Doug and I went to Yuzu for dinner on Wednesday night and it was delicious!  I headed  home on Thursday, stopped in Hiroshima for a late lunch of okonomiyaki and came home around 8.  SMS picked me up at the train station because it was raining quite a bit.

A Shinkansen snack- ill-advised and unfinished

The TDY trip was a “get it done” trip this time, but I still managed to sightsee a little bit and have some delicious dinners.  I only booked 5 surgeries out of 43 clinic visits (boo on that low ratio) so in that respect, it wasn’t that productive.   I also brought my sneakers with me and ran 2 out of the 4 days so that was a win.  Oftentimes, my sneakers languish in the land of good intentions!

Himeji Castle from the Shinkansen, South of Kyoto

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