Singapore Festivities

Friday was the actual birthday day! Happy birthday Brady! We actually started the celebration at midnight that morning with Brady’s birthday champagne bottle delivered to our table. We had gone to bed very late and after a few hours of sleep, my alarm went off because I had made plans to meet up with Tawnne. Although I was a little tired, it soon went away because I was so excited that I was getting to see Tawnne during my short visit.

Panorama Shot from Tawnne’s Apartment

I took a cab to her place and hung out on her veranda while she changed out of her yoga clothes since that was the original plan that I asked if we could modify. I just wanted coffee and breakfast!

We walked to a nearby mall and had a typical Singaporean breakfast (so they say) of soft-boiled eggs, kava butter toast and very strong coffee served with condensed milk. So delicious.  It was so much fun to catch up with T!  After going to a few shops, we headed back to the apartment. We confirmed plans to meet up with Brady and Elise for breakfast and even better, Sean could come too. Sean, Tawnne and I have been friends for several years now and it was great to see him. 
We went to Red Star for dim sum and it was awesome. SMS and I went last time and it was just as delicious. We had Peking duck, custard buns, red bean triangle buns, steamed buns, shrimp dumplings, bok choy and a roasted meat platter. 
Maxwell Food Court

After lunch, we said our good-byes to Tawnne and Sean and headed back to Elise’s for a short rest.  I took a short nap and decided to walk around the nearby portions of Chinatown. I went to Maxwell Food  Court and had papaya juice. Yum!

Chinatown Food Street and the most perfect coffee carrier!

Afterward, I walked through a market and also walked down Chinatown Food Street. I was pretty hungry so I ordered an egg and onion prata along with a coffee. I took it back to Elise’s to eat before getting ready for the birthday night fun!

L: Telok Ayer Market, dinner location R: Marina Bay Sands view from Kinki

First, we walked over to Kinki, a bar right on the harbor. We met up with a lovely, ridiculously international group of people. I enjoyed meeting everyone, including another one of Brady’s high school friends.   She was from Venezuela though, not India. I also watched the harbor light show which was really pretty. It seemed sort of fragmented and not overly impressive but I wasn’t paying strict attention either. 


Afterwards, we went to a really nice food court where I had another prata, this time with chicken. Then it was onwards to karaoke!  We were at the Cash Studio, near the Hard Rock Cafe in Orchard. The group was awesome and we had so much fun. We pretty much sang the night away and before we knew it, it was off to Elise’s apartment to pick up our bags and head off to the airport. Brady’s flight was at 545 and mine was 730 so we shared a cab. We hung out at the coffee shop for a few minutes until it was time to say our goodbyes. I was sad to say good-bye but I’m so happy that I had such an amazing time with my perfect, awesome sister!

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