Local fun in Hayama!

SMS and I had a fun day exploring in Hayama.  We decided to have a progressive dinner, similar to progressive parties where you have one course at each house and move on.

Daisy’s, my new favorite coffee shop!

First, we started at Daisy’s Cafe, a cute cafe right on the water in Kamakura.  They had a great coffee and sweets menu.  Their dinner menu looked good too.  My favorite part was the sunset view, closely followed by the super cute decor and ambiance of the place.  SMS had coffee and I had a half-sized acai bowl with a cocoa coffee that was delicious.  I think it was delicious thanks to the lightly sweetened whipped cream!  It was the perfect snack since I had a very light lunch and needed a little carry-over to dinner time.

Afterwards, we went to Venus Cafe, which we had seen several times and knew only as the “Tex-Mex” place, since that’s the most eye-catching sign from the road.  It was a nice location with great window seats but the food left something to be desired.  The chill beef taco tasted like a Sloppy Joe rather than taco meat.  It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t what we were looking for.  Who knows, maybe we know nothing about Tex-Mex and Texans would think it’s the cat’s meow!  We did have some tasty nachos but those were just ok too.  Maybe the food suffered in comparison to our recent Cactus Burrito visit but considering how many other awesome places are around (like my new favorite Daisy’s!), I don’t think we’ll go back.

Finally, we picked up dessert in Hayama at Sweet Taste.  They have wakanapai pies, which are crisp pastry dough that they fill with a sweet cream once a customer has placed the order.  They’re like Hawaiian cannolis!

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