Winter Cherry Blossoms (Kawazu Sakura) in Miurakaigan

My husband is awesome!  I was at work finishing up my notes when I got a text from him asking where I was.  I said, “My office. Where are you?”  His response was a picture of beautiful Winter Cherry (Kawazu Sakura) Blossoms.  I decided to join him so I left work around 4:30 and headed out to the Miurakaigan Station.
The cherry blossoms are beautiful and ephemeral so I was glad I got out and saw the trees at their peak.  I’m really looking forward to the Spring when we have plans to see cherry blossoms all over the local area for the larger Sakura event.

Outside the station.  Picture taken by a nice middle-aged man after the old man
SMS initially asked was completely flummoxed by the iPhone.

Walking down the road.  The station is behind us as we walk to Komatsu-ga-ike Pond

Staircase leading down towards the park and pond

So pretty!  Komatsu-ga-ike Pond

This bridge is accessible from the main walking road and provides an awesome vantage point for the passing
Keikyu trains

What a great evening!  Thanks SMS!

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