Our Christmas Tree!

SMS started our Christmas 2015 with a special Christmas Eve dinner request- Peking Duck!  We went to the Dim Sum restaurant on Castro and had a delicious Peking Duck dinner along with Wonton Soup.  It was really delicious.  The place was packed but we got our dinner in a reasonable amount of time.  It sounded like there were some other, unhappy diners but we were pretty set and definitely happy with our meal.

Christmas morning came and I was super-spoiled by SMS.  I had put my Garmin back under the tree and I also got a Narwal t-shirt and It Is Right to Draw Their Fur: Animal Renderings by Dave Eggers.  I also got a Santa Hat!  For SMS, I got a hiking hat with extra neck sun protection, Kona coffee and a “vintage” Japanese beer poster.  He’s hard to shop for and I try to take notes during the year.  Currently, we’re eying a super-chunky wool blanket so maybe we’ll have a big joint New Year’s present!
After Christmas morning and some breakfast, we hung out during the day.  We went out to Eagle Park to fly our drones.  That was a lot of fun!  It really is so fun to have a toy to play with on Christmas, even as an adult!
Cool, 3D glasses…so hipster!
That evening, we went to see the new Star Wars in 3D.  It was pretty good.  I enjoyed the references to the original trilogy and I’m slightly enthralled by the “Who are Rey’s parents?” theories.  I’m not sure that I need to see it again but I will definitely see the next movie when it comes out!

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