San Diego Sunday

Brunch setting…by the end, the sun was out completely!

After Wedding Saturday, we spent an idyllic Sunday in San Diego.  The day started off a little overcast but by 1030, it was gorgeous.  We met up with SMS’s sister and brother-in-law for an early Mother’s Day brunch.  We went to the anti-sub base at the end of Point Loma.  The location was beautiful!  We sat outside on the deck and enjoyed a delicious brunch.  There were eggs, taco fixings, smoked salmon, seared ahi, sweet potato hash, crepes, waffles and a dessert bar.  I was surprised at how good it was!

Kind of a ridiculous picture that I sent to my sister to make her jealous but it does show off
what a gorgeous day it was!

We sat for awhile, eating and catching up.  We had a really great time and I highly recommend the brunch if you’re ever at Ocean View, Ballast Point.  Afterward, we headed back to the house and spent time lounging by the pool.  It was fantastic.  I went in the pool, spa and then took a little nap.

The market was so cool and this is the picture I took?

Unfortunately, the time to go to the airport came to soon.  But before we went, we stopped at the new Liberty Public Market, an excellent collection of food stands and mini-restaurants.  I had baked empanadas, which I hadn’t had since enjoying Julia’s in Adams-Morgan, DC.  We ate outside and soaked up a little more sunshine before SMS and I were dropped off at the airport.

The flight was uneventful.  We went straight from the airport to meet up with friends for a late dinner at Oren’s Hummus.  One of friends is going on a last-minute holiday for a few weeks so it was nice to see him before he took off.

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