Boston graduation!


I arrived in Boston and after quickly seeing Ed and Meg, I went to sleep.  Ok, ok, first I ate the cannoli they brought for me as a consolation prize for missing dinner.

The next day, I woke up early and headed out for Brady’s commissioning ceremony.  It was such an honor to commission her and I was/am so happy and proud of her!  After the ceremony, we went out to a diner for brunch which was perfect since there was a table for 6 available without a wait.  Yay!  I had lobster egg benedict which was pretty good.
The graduate!

After breakfast, I took an Uber with Mom to the ceremony.  Normally I’m all about walking but I was in heels and my feet, especially the right, has hurt a lot since running for the train after the Beyonce concert in new boots.  We got to the ceremony and it was so great to be there for Brady’s graduation with the hooding and the diploma presentation.  The ceremony was very long since there were two schools graduating (medical and Sackler) but it’s ok, it was worth it to be there!

After the graduation, we all split up for the afternoon.  Brady went back to her house to get things in order, Grandpa and Dusty went back to their hotel, Dad/Ed/Meg went to Lexington and Concord and Mom and I went to the Isabella Gardner Museum.  First, we stopped back at the hotel to change.  We also stopped for a glass of prosecco which was comp’d by the bartender since I was still in uniform.  Nice!
Mom and I at the Gardner

The Gardner museum was lovely.  We actually started in the café since we were hungry and thirsty but after fortifying ourselves, we strolled through the museum.  We saw several John Singer Sargent paintings including the portrait of Isabella Gardner, El Jaleo and a few on a small living room wall, which was funny since the room guides initially confused us and we though “Veil Fanning Incense” was “Tent in the Rockies” which made no sense but don’t worry, we figured it out!

Which one would you title “Tent in the Rockies?”
A knight’s sarcophgus on the left.  As Mom said, how do you introduce that piece?  “Oh, look at what I just picked up”
On the right, Courtyard from the third floor.

We also went to a special exhibit of some museum works more contemporarily displayed while the second floor undergoes renovation.  It was nice to see the works in that setting and it’s really incredible what they have there- two Rembrandts including his famous self-portrait and an incredibly vivid Bottecheli. 

Courtyard with amazing mosaic

After the museum, we all met up for dinner at State St Provisions, which was really good.  I really liked my asparagus salad and burrata appetizer.  So good!  Dinner went for awhile and we stayed even longer to enjoy an after-dinner drink/more socializing.  Then, we went home where Ed and Meg definitely disappointed me.  Instead of going out on a Boston Saturday night, they were tired so they decided to rest in my room while waiting for their super early departure flight home.  Boo!  It was a pretty tight squeeze but we all slept for a few hours before they left at 2:30.

Such a delicious beer
Good thing owls can see in dim light!

I woke up a few hours later, got ready and hopped on the plane home.  I stopped in the USO for breakfast (yeah!) and then flew to Seattle.  In Seattle, I got to try the Centurion Lounge which is lovely.  Lots of seating, power outlets, snacks and drinks.  I wish there was one in every airport!  I got to SFO around 5 and caught the bus to Redwood City.  SMS met me there and we went out for dinner.  It’s great to be home!

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