Thoughts during a no music, 13.1 mile run

* I like starting the run at a place with a bathroom.  That is very nice!
* Yay, mile 1 went fast!  This is a great day!
* I mean, not that fast.  I definitely need to run more, distance and frequency.
* Cars make me so nervous, pick-up trucks more so.
* This road is flat and long.
* Ooooo, a trail.  This will make things more interesting.
* I love the songs I heard while driving here.  They are horrible amazing ear worms and they definitely put me in a good mood.  It was like I was supposed to run today!
* I like the rolling hills on this trail.
* (Thinking back on a conversation with a friend last night)  Hmm, I understand that the term “snowflake” can definitely be used dismissively by people who feel that white women have nothing to complain about but it’s not the worst word.  Maybe we could emphasize that each is unique and together, we can be a powerful force.  This is cheesy but I like i-
*Huuuch-OOOOFFFF!  owowowowowowowowowow!  ouch ouch ouch!  (I have just tripped over a tree root and have hit the ground hard).  Ok, pause watch.  Ouch.  Shit.  That really hurt.  Casualties: left knee and right chest. (I will discover a crazy amount of road rash-y bruises later in the evening.  Sheesh.  At least none of my clothes tore.)
*  Is there Uber in a forest?
*  Ok, let’s go.  Gentle jog.  🙁
* I think I hate my Hokas.
* Shopping list: new Asics, new pillow, immersion blender, maybe new skincare product.
* Buy into the Rodan + Field hype or not?
* In The Underground Railroad, it was too bad the mother wasn’t given more credit and everyone just assumed she was a selfish, child-abandoning person.
* *Mindless running for a few miles*
* Water fountain!  Yes!
* Well, I meant to run 11 but it looks like this will be a half marathon.  That is cool.  I am starting to feel sore though.
* AUGH!  That siren startled me so much.  Maybe I am too tightly wound?
* Hello car!  I am so happy to see you!

Ha, ha.  Did you think there would be anything awesome!?  Nope!  It is nice to have some silence and just run at a nice steady pace.  The fall was not my friend and the run was just ok, but there is a very real reason why: I have not been running enough.  But I will get it together!  I will gamba my very best for Boston!

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