Checking in, list-format!

* My marathon training is going well.  If I keep it up, I think a 8:00-8:15 pace will be doable.  A lot will depend on temperature and health the day of the race.  Last week, I ran 14 miles with an average of 8:34 and felt pretty good.  My long run this week will be tomorrow afternoon- wish me luck.  The plan calls for 16 miles.

Friday dinner deliciousness!

* This past weekend was a lot of fun.  Friday night featured a birthday dinner for my friend.  Saturday night featured a great concert with Joshua Bell that I attended with my parents.  Today, I rode on a Vespa and got a pedicure.  Yeah!  What a great weekend!

Fries with three smears- yum!

* Next weekend, I’m off to Austin.  I cannot wait for BBQ, beer and music.  Any Austin suggestions are welcome!


*Recent purchases: How cute are these Forever stamps?  I also like the funnies implied by the animal order and which animals are opposite the other: mouse vs snake, tortoise vs hare, goldfish vs. cat!

* I’ve been cooking more.  Above are mandoline’d zucchini and peppers for noodle-less pad thai.  It ended up more like a moo-shoo since the veggies were pretty soggy.  It was delicious though.  I’ve also made a West African Cashew (instead of peanut) soup, an egg and brussel sprout frittata, and a Crockpot pork loin.  I eat the same meal several times in a row but it’s cheaper than ordering meal delivery online.

* Not a recent purchase, but I always appreciate a good pun!  Plus, I love singing this duet at kareoke!

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