Day 8: Anghiari & Montone

The morning started with an in-law run.  SMS stayed home while I ran with his sister and her husband.  The scenery was gorgeous and we did the 5K loop highlighted in the house guide.  It was quite hilly and makes me wish that my home runs were not quite so flat.  Hills mean built-in intervals which are useful when I’m feeling too lazy to intrinsically push myself.

After showers and breakfast, the whole group went to Anghiari.  It’s a small town on top of a hill with incredible views from the walls.  We had espresso, gelato, and food from the farmer’s market including a to-go order of pancetta.  The younger son (mid20s) was very interested in talking about American crime show directors, which is not something I know a lot (anything) about.  But he and his father were so nice and it was really fun to have an Italian mini-shopping experience.

Just a woman with her owl…and owl impression!

We stopped in Sansculprano for lunch.  A restaurant I was hoping to go to was closed so Rip found another alternative and we had a pasta/truffle heavy lunch.  Yum.  Afterwards, we went back home and relaxed by the pool.  SMS rested because he wasn’t feeling well.

Excellent wine!

We went to Montone for dinner, as we got a stellar recommendation for L’Antica Osteria from the woman and cashier at the grocery store we went to a few days earlier.  Unfortunately, it was closed for the week but we were lucky in that we found an EXCELLENT second-choice, Restorante Bel Verziere.  I ordered a sweet sauce ravioli that was slightly weird but good to try, especially since I could sample others’ meals. SMS’ was the winner that night: a truffle ravioli that was exceptional- super rich but so good.  There were loads of shaved truffles and it was awesome.  Prior to this trip, I’ve only ever had a small amount of truffles or “truffle” oil so the generous thin slices were a new experience.

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