Sunday Soliloquy #4

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* You guys!  Never one to be ahead of the TV binge watching power curve, I have to tell you that, if you haven’t you must watch Bodyguard! Ok, ok, the first episode is a little boring but then the second episode picks up so much speed that I marveled that all the events happened in one episode without seeming rushed or contrived.  There are only six episodes for the season and it is SO good!  5 stars!  Get past the first episode (it took me two tries) and you won’t regret it! Also, do not read anything about it!  There are a few key plot events that were much better as surprises so no reading reviews!  It’s been out for awhile so it would be very easy to uncover a spoiler.

*  Recent books I’ve finished include The Perfect Nanny: A Novel by Leila Slimani (3 stars) and Atomic Habits by James Clear (4.5 stars with the caveat that personal improvement books seem especially…personal (?) as to whether they apply or not).  Next up: My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottesssa Moshfegh and possibly Flights by Olga Tokarczuk if I can get to it before it expires in my Kindle queue.

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* Things I am tempted to buy (aka, probably will): Blue Light Screeners/Glasses.  They’re pretty inexpensive and why not try them, especially on clinic days?

* I am starting to have more regrets about deactivating Facebook.  I miss out on social event notices and a few of my friends are posting baby pictures exclusively there.  Whhyyyyy?  It is an information raking, advertising company driven that uses its users data in sneaky third party ways.  I always knew that the “cost” of using a free platform was its monetization of my (and many, many others) data but they way they are so sneaky to the point of total disregard for privacy…my motivation is back!  Stay off!  I will, in an effort to be transparent, “share” with you that I am on Instagram.  I know it’s owned by Facebook.  And I’m *this close* to getting off IG too but the ability to search pictures for ideas (hair, exercise, gossip) in addition to friend updates is pretty nice.

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