Sunday Soliloquy #7

  • Instagram FOMO is real!  Sometimes, I read articles where people are whining about how perfect everyone else’s life seems to be on social media while they are falling apart and I think, “Get over it!” But, I know I’m missing out when I see a friend of mine cheering on runners at a local race with an enormously oversized cutout of Meb Keflezighi’s head.  That is amazing!!!  I had to miss out because I am on call and there were too many road closures to risk getting stuck somewhere if I got called in.  So I guess I will have to FOMO myself all the way to the bank when I get paid!
  • My family has wrapped up an insane few weeks of travel!  Mom and Dad were in Japan visiting my sister.  Ed and Meg also visited although they were traveling with a troupe that seemed to go throughout Japan, including Sapporo.  Apparently, a postcard is on the way and I can’t wait!  Finally, SMS was in France and one guest post is already up.  I need to move it and edit the second so that everyone can get caught up and be sad for me that I wasn’t there (FOMO!).
  • This past week, I hosted a great book club where we discussed My Year of Rest & Relaxation.  It was a great meeting.  Then I ripped through On a Cold Dark Sea for the other book club I go to and that was also a lot of fun.  It was pretty hilarious how one woman just flat out that book.  She’s a librarian so I’m always interested in her thoughts and some of her library/book world gossip.  Give me that knowledge!  Now I am reading Early Riser by an author who I really enjoy even though his absurdity can get almost to the point of tiresomeness…but not quite!
  • Oh!  I also went to A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Gynecologic Oncology Unit at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center of New York City, a comedy (surprisingly?) put on by the Generic Theater of Norfolk.  It was good although I had some hopes for the plot that weren’t realized but maybe I can write my own version?  Also, the woman’s mother had amazing lines but had such a breathtakingly fast whipsaw between being completely unaware of her similarities to her daughter while complaining about her daughter and having an implied reconciliation scene (sorry, spoiler alert) at the end.  It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen but…eh.

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