Sunday Soliloquy #8

  • This week marked a return to real book reading rather than an e-reader.  I read two!  One was Jasper Fforde’s new book, Early Riser, which was good.  Very absurd but I enjoyed it.  I would recommend his Thursday Next series over this book though if you had to read just one of his books.  I also read Maeve Higgins’ Maeve in America which was a collection of personal essays.  There were a few on immigration that I quite liked but overall, the book was fine.  Not my highest rec but it was a quick read.
  • This weekend has been fairly mellow.  After a month of Whole 30 (yay!  done!), I ate some of Run Fast, Eat Slow‘s superhero muffins and my long run pace was about 25 seconds faster.  Yay!  I think carbs are helpful for endurance workouts (says almost every sports nutrition article out there, I know).
  • I went to a patient’s 90s hip hop birthday party that was a lot of fun  I dressed up in scrub pants, a shirt that had “NO” spray-painted on, and several attached scrubbie sponges.  Get it?  No Scrubs!  While I had to explain my outfit several times, it was definitely a hit once people got the joke.  As everyone knows, there’s nothing funnier than a joke that needs to be explained (waaaiiitttt….).  For those not up on their 90s hip hop, “No Scrubs” was a pretty big hit for the group TLC.
  • I’m off to California next weekend!  I can’t wait.  Then it’ll be two weeks before I head off to Japan!  I even have reservations at the New Sanno!  April is the month of no work, ha ha.

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