It’s Been a Minute…

Unique porthole view of San Diego

Hello! It is exciting to be back! This Spring featured a lot of same old-same old travel in San Diego and the Bay Area (omg, I am so spoiled) as well as some stressful job-hunting that I didn’t feel like live-blogging. The last entry was about a meeting where among other people that I met…I met my future employers! Yes, I now have a job! I am also Coronado apartment-less. I have two more days of work after a week of leave where I was supposed to go to my college reunion and see my family and instead…COVID. Bleh, yes, after more than two years, I came down with the ‘Vid.

I’ve had super mild symptoms. The day that I did a home test, I only did it b/c I felt slightly off and I was about to travel. Well…shit, as my MIL said (which was the first time I think I’ve heard her say that, hahahaha). So, I called off my travel plans and holed up in the Point Loma NGIS. An oceanfront room where my Navy career can come full circle since this is where I stayed during my SWMDOIC class before the Kitty Hawk? How nostalgic!

At least I wasn’t on a cruise ship…

The day after I tested I was a liiitttlleee more symptomatic with an occasional cough and sore throat. But the past few days, I’ve felt fine and tomorrow, I can come off isolation per CDC calculator. So what am I going to do? Take a road trip to the Great Outdoors so that I can still be by myself during the time that I’m still supposed to mask up.

So, yes! New travel! Time to blog! I am going on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, Bryce, and Zion. I have big plans and I think it’s going to be a pretty epic trip.

Then I head into work on Thursday and Friday. Friday evening is the Hail and Farewell and then I am d-u-n, DONE! Thursday and Friday are going to be pretty crazy, but I’m in a good position since a lot of my admin work is totally done. That checkout list is pretty long though…

2 thoughts on “It’s Been a Minute…”

  1. Sorry to hear about COVID! It seems to be getting everyone eventually.
    We had to test negative to go to the US a few weeks ago and I was SO nervous because we needed a negative COVID test 24 hours before which leaves precious little time to reorganize the trip. Thankfully we were all negative, but I was nervous for weeks leading up to the time (especially since our 7-year-old had a cold at one point; every rapid test at home was negative but I felt for sure someone would catch it in that lead-up).
    Sounds like some exciting things ahead for you – wishing you clear skies and lots of fun in the weeks ahead 🙂

  2. Thanks Elisabeth! I agree, it did feel a little inevitable but I do wish I had been a little more cautious given my events-packed June. Also, I empathize with the COVID positive dread when something important is coming up- I’m glad it worked out for you all!

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