Fair Winds and Following Seas

I have spent so much time here and now…I’m done!

My last two days of work went by in a blur. I had a morning clinic, one OR case, file organization, and a lot of admin checkout tasks to complete. And…I mostly did it! I didn’t get everything taken care of on the signout sheet but the great thing about turning in a checkout sheet on Friday afternoon of a three day weekend is that no one really cares.

My presents from the Hail & Farewell

The Hail & Farewell was a really nice event. The stars of the show are the chief residents, but there was a nice section where the departing staff (me and two others) were farewell’d. People said some really nice things about me when passing the paddle. I was worried it would sound vaguely eulogy-like but I think that was avoided!

The residents were also very nice and I got a certificate of appreciation with the call sign of “Funny One.” This references the fact that I tell patients to ask for me, “the funny doctor,” in case they forget my name. What?! It works and they always laugh so I am funny. [I really sound like my Dad here.] So, if you tell people something enough, they will believe it and it will be manifested truth in the universe! [This does not sound like my Dad. This is pure SoCal.]

So, it ended up that I did go into the office that weekend to finish up some computer work so Friday wasn’t really my last day. I took a few more pictures prior to leaving and then? That really was it.

My office. Of course it was always this clean, MOM!!
One more photo for good measure.
Last load, for real! Do you like the Ikea bag for transporting my stuff? One level up from a black lawn plastic trash bag.

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