A Cat Named Mausie

SMS is a very kind-hearted person with a particular soft spot for animals. Not animals as his own personal pets (I want a doggie), but just in general. He supports the World Wildlife Fund and generally, just really feels compelled to help protect them (maybe this is why he is against me having a doggie?).

Anyway, SMS and I were walking around the neighborhood, which is a great way to unwind at the end of a day. I am loving these long summer days and extended twilight evenings! All of a sudden, SMS says, “Wait, isn’t that the lost cat?!”

I had no idea what he was talking about, but I did see the cat in the corner lot yard. He said, “No, really, we just passed the sign.” He ran back to get a picture of the sign to prove that it existed, get a picture of the cat, and get the contact information. We looked at the sign, the cat, the sign, the cat and yes, we were looking at the same cat.

I encouraged SMS to call and after a moment of hesitation, he called. That started a pretty hilarious conversation where the owner said that the cat wasn’t lost and SMS saying the reason we were calling is because of the sign. It turns out that earlier in the week, the cat hadn’t come home for three days so the owner was worried. The owner thought he had taken down all the signs but it seemed he missed one. He was appreciative of the call. SMS hung up, we watched the cat for a bit, and went on our way.

Later that night, SMS got a follow-up thank you text. This was the point where I figured out that the cat’s name was Mausie. How awesome is that? I thought it was a pretty funny name for a cat. I’m going to steal it and use it when I name my dog.

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