Stay strong!

I’m a little tired today after a long night in the OR yesterday but since I’m only on Day 2 of my planned 30 day streak, I need to stay strong. Clearly, I’m a better starter than finisher but stopping after one day is not acceptable.

Yesterday wasn’t a bad day at work. The day started out rainy but by the afternoon, I took the above photos from the 15th floor with its incredible view over Golden Gate Park. I caught up on my charting, went out for a quick lunch with a resident, saw a few patients, and worked on a talk

An on-going goal I have is to streamline my workflow so that I stay more on top of my charting. Then I will have more time for writing, admin, and creative work. I am doing better, but I usually have a few spillover charts from every clinic day. Two targets I’ve identified is spending less time with patients and increasing charting efficiency. While my appointment times are pretty generous, I like spending a lot of time with my patients so I’m not super eager to cut back that time. Yet, I should probably do a little better with time management- maybe I should buy a watch? For improved charting efficiency, I’m working on my Dragon dictation skills which has had a positive impact.

The reason for my fatigue is that we had a late afternoon consult that we took back to the OR at 2130. In some ways, it was a great case (pus!) and in some ways, not as great (so much edema!).

As a result, the only apartment member getting exercise today is C-bird, who took a lap around the room, crashed into a wall, and landed on the Peloton. Since SMS and I are still in the 1B/1B apartment, I haven’t had my San Diego shipment delivered from the move so I rented a Peloton. I love how I feel after a spin class and the rental was a reasonable deal relative to Peloton cost, other gyms, and frequency of use.

14 thoughts on “Stay strong!”

  1. Those views are spectacular. I am a new reader so I still have to piece together a few things but I’ll get there. I guess every job requires paper work and we all fall behind. If you manage to find a good workflow that is adaptable to other jobs let me know. Ha!

    1. I will take all the tips I can get. I learned a few things from a Better Up coach that I got to work with over the Summer. He was a fan of a modified Get Things Done (GTD) approach. I’ve started using the Things app, which is a nice format for timed to-do’s and brain dumps that help me track the little to-do’s that I would otherwise forget (as I realize there are phone calls I need to return…)

  2. What a great idea to rent a bike!
    Also: this made me laugh so hard “it was a great case (pus!)”
    I don’t think I’m ever going to see the word pus in the same way again…

    1. My favorite version of the word pus is when people type it as an adjective ending in -y and don’t quite realize what it looks like in the medical record. Awkward but pretty funny.

  3. You can do it! Don’t give up! It only takes a few minutes to sit down and write out one good thing that happened to you each day! We’re all rooting for you.

  4. Tierney, since I am new to your blog, I am learning so much about you… and I love that you’re in the Bay Area (so close!) AND a Peloton rider. Let’s connect on the bike (I am san_rides_in_ca). You have a beautiful view from your office in SF. How do you like the Bay Area? It must have been hard to leave San Diego!

    1. Awesome! I am LittleStapes on my rental and DizzyDoc on my older account. I needed to use a new email for the rental and didn’t figure out how to get my old LB name loaded until after my ~110 week streak was broken 🙁

      I realized that taking a lap around the room, crashing into a wall, and landing on the Peloton mirrors my morning routine in getting on the bike. Hannah Frankson is my favorite, followed by Leanne, Camilla, old Jess King Sweat Steadies (she went from a dislike to a like!), and Sam Yo for when I need a chill demeanor in the morning.

  5. That bird of yours is pretty cute and your office view is awesome. If you ever look to the other side of the bay you can wave hi to me 😉

    1. The view is amazing! It’s not my personal office though- just one of the windows at the end of the hallway. It’s a window into understanding Bay Area weather.

  6. Ah bummer the account switch broke your streak! Still – kudos, that’s dedication! I took the liberty to follow both your accounts! 🙂

    BTW, I love Hannah Frankson. She’s one of my favorites. I am also into Power Zone training. Have you tried that?

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