Beer in the Grocery Store

One of my office sites is in a small shopping complex with a grocery store. The grocery store has a little bar at the front, which strikes me as so weird. Like who says, “You know what I’m craving? A brewskie and some convo at the local grocery store.”

Now granted, I’ve never been one to chat in the grocery store unless mumbling curse words at people who stop in the middle of the aisle for hours (ok, minutes) counts. I definitely never exchanged flirty banter over produce (according to rom-coms, this happens?). And finally, I realize that some Whole Foods have bars although I don’t think I’ve partaken. Whole Foods coffee bar, yes. Whole Foods bar, no.

But. I have wanted to get a beer since it seemed so weird. I told my co-worker this who was diligently finishing up her notes and she decided that she wanted to go, too. I seized the chance- a drink with a friend at the grocery store bar. Here’s to new adventures! [And here’s to putting my stay-on-top-of-my-paperwork plan on hold for one more day.]

So, yes. We grabbed a beer before heading home. It was fun to catch up and be the target of curious/jealous/judgey looks from people who were “just” grocery shopping. But according to the cashier who came over to pour the beers and ring us up, it’s actually pret-ty popular with the kids-playing-sports nearby crowd. I guess I’m lucky we even got a seat at such a happening spot!

13 thoughts on “Beer in the Grocery Store”

  1. THat’s not something that happens here … unless it’s one of our fancy small grocers.

    1. While I don’t want to seem mean to a perfectly adequate grocery store, the store is neither fancy nor small. I haven’t seen too many bars in grocery stores. It’s probably varies based on a State’s liquor laws?

  2. The grocery store has a little bar in the front.
    Let me digest this.
    Nope. I cannot even imagine what that looks like. Sorry, Tierney, you have to go back for a second round of beers with co-worker and take a picture. 🙂

  3. HaHa I am with San. I can’t picture it. Although we have those Kiosks here. in Germany and often time they have some sort of table to sit. But its only the weird poeple hanging out there. I wouldn’t put you in that crowd.

  4. We can’t buy alcohol outside of liquor stores where I live…so I can’t even imagine! This sounds fun…but also very, very odd! A fun adventure, though, either way!

  5. Hy Vee stores (Midwestern chain) do have places where you can eat in the store and order an adult beverage. It’s not a bar, per se, but they do offer alcohol! For some, it’s an easy stop for dinner while also picking up food. For me, it’s just weird. 🙂

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