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I would like to work on having a morning routine that works with start times that vary through the week. I would like to caffeinate, get ready, and work out (cardio) most mornings. Lately, only the first two reliably happen every morning. But I enjoy being in shape and I feel like I’m starting to flirt with impacting my endurance if I don’t increase my consistency.

In a magical world, I would also love to do yoga, meditate, read, and surf the internet without waking up before 5 a.m. I think this is otherwise known as a day off.

But really, I am impressed by some people’s morning routines. I think what has really thrown mine for a loop is a markedly longer commute that goes along with my new job and a commute into San Francisco 2-3 days a week. It’s hard to balance enough sleep (min 6-7 hours, preferably 7-8). In addition, while I am a morning person, it’s a little hard to go straight from bed into a workout which is what’s needed to get a lot in.

Maybe I can decide to become more of an evening routine person?

Anyways, any advice/inspo/commiseration welcome!

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  1. I flirt with a morning routine, but I’m not a morning person and now with the kids all being adults and working from home on a completely flexible schedule I just roll with what works for me.

  2. I will never be a morning person, I guess. The best thing that helped me with a morning routine was getting a dog. She really needs me to get up and walk her, so I try to be very consistent about what time that happens. It’s not really realistic, but I do recommend a dog for people who struggle to get going in the morning. Ha!

  3. Does lying in bed past my alarm to do the Wordle and then nagging my daughter grouchily to hurry up so we can get out the door on time count as a routine? LOL. If so, Iā€™m golden.

  4. I used to be an evening workouter, but have switched to a morning routine and now LOVE it because it makes me feel so accomplished before 7 am. I have to say though, a longer commute and long work days are not conducive to get all this shit done AND get a good night’s rest. Ugh.
    Clearly, the solution is a petition for more hours in the day! Will you sign it?

    P.S. We should plan a Peloton workout together šŸ™‚

  5. Ah yes- this is actually one of my pet peeves, people talking about their morning routines. They get up, drink an incredibly healthy smoothie, meditate, journal, exercise, set their intentions for the day…. I always wonder, who is taking care of their children? Oh wait- it’s always men. Who seem to be self-employed, and can start their work day at 10 am or whenever they want. Don’t get me started!
    I think you should try an evening routine and see what happens.

    1. This is a good idea. I do feel like I have a lot of wasted evening time. I think back to high school when I had so much homework and got everything done. Impressive…and pre-smartphone! By a lot, but let’s be kind and pretend it was just a few years.

  6. I have no ideas because I feel like I am not a morning person OR an evening person. Let me know when you get it all figured out and I’ll copy your schedule?!

  7. I am a morning person as well. Sometimes I can do those 3 things you mention but have been slacking. A workout is hard to get done because I tend to spend more time on my computer than I should. I know I need to do better.

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