Sunday Funday

I had prior work-related plans but decided to reschedule and had such a fun day with SMS. We slept in, deferring the Daylight Savings Time adjustment until tomorrow which should Monday extra special! Then I made a Euro-y style breakfast plate for breakfast. Clearly, the bread isn’t seedy enough, there are no dried meats or fruits, and there is a distinct lack of muesli but if you squint your eyes, you can maybe pretend this is a European hotel breakfast buffet plate?

Then, we hiked at Waterdog, which was so nice. Especially as the days get shorter and I go to work/leave work in the dark, it’s nice to get outside on the weekends. Then we drove to San Mateo and ate hand-pulled noodles at Ox-9, which were delicious. We walked around for a bit afterwards because we were so full.

Next, we drove around a few neighborhoods and looked at houses because why not depress ourselves? We pulled into one house too early and I’m pretty sure blocked the owners who were trying to leave. So smooth.

Later in the afternoon, I went to Sephora and picked up a few things on “sale.” Finally, we had a really nice evening of relaxing and eating our dinner of Trader Joe’s salmon, Brussels sprouts, cucumber salad, and a roll.

All in all, I really nice Sunday. This evening, I worked on a few work-related item (and there’s still more to-do, but enough’s enough for the night) and in terms of winning at life, I am aware of my early morning faculty meeting so I won’t miss it which is an improvement from October!

7 thoughts on “Sunday Funday”

  1. This sounds…lovely. And since I haven’t eaten lunch yet, that picture of food literally made my stomach rumble.
    Yay for pleasant weekends.

  2. This is interesting- so you didn’t put the clocks back till Sunday night? That’s a fun idea, and yes, it would make Monday extra special (and God knows Mondays need some love.). You Sunday sounds really nice!

    1. I was unclear! Our clocks were turned back but in terms of circadian rhythms, we just kind of slept in until whenever. Although I think this matters more in the Spring than the Fall.

  3. Is looking at houses depressing because it’s so expensive or because so competitive or both? We bought a house in 2018 and I was terrified. I still sometimes go to an open house just to see what people did with the place and some are just so beautiful (I skip the ones that are not).

  4. I love a good grazing plate … yum! The whole day sounds lovely with a good mix of activity.

  5. What a lovely Sunday.

    I don’t dare to go to open houses, but I look at real estate websites sometimes. The prices are out of control.

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