Book Club

Monday night is a little rough to meet for a book club but since I’m pro-book club and I like this current group well enough, I always decide to go rather than flake out last minute. I mean, what else would I do? Sit on the couch in sweats? Clearly, yes, that is an attractive option but I keep my commitments.

This month, we read a non-fiction memoir. Beth wanted a break from literary fiction and so we read, “I’m Glad My Mom Died” by Jennette McCurdy. It certainly is an eye-catching title. The book was fine. I’m not the biggest memoir person but at the same time, I’ve read more than I would expect given I don’t love the genre. There really wasn’t much to talk about other than reactions to what was described in the book. I mean, how do you analyze/critique a real person’s life and feel good about yourself as a reader?

We didn’t have any great ideas for a December book. I thought about The Only Good Indians, but I think it’s pretty dark which may mean I don’t even want to finish it. But it has garnered some rave reviews so TBD in regards to my personal to-read list. But I don’t think it’s good for the club.

Well, it’s late and I’m tired but I’ll post some recent reads soon. Any suggestions? I recently read Premonition by Michael Lewis, which was great.

6 thoughts on “Book Club”

  1. I used to be in a book club – then that fell apart during Covid. I’d like to find a group of readers again. How did you find your group? Do you meet every Monday or once a month?


  2. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on I’m Glad My Mom Died, but I have to say that I’m curious. Memoirs can go either way for me – sometimes the person is fascinating and other times it’s “uh I’m not that in to this person and I don’t need the TMI”.

    I just started The Accomplice by Lisa Lutz and I’m chowing down on it. It’s a mystery about two close friends dealing with the aftermath of a murder and it’s got me good.


  3. I agree…. Monday night I like to be sitting on the couch in my pajamas. You are a trooper for getting out to a book club! I’m trying to think of the last book I read that was book club-worthy… maybe Gabrielle Zevin’s Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow?


  4. Sweats on the couch does sound quite appealing to me today, have to admit.

    I’ve also heard mixed reviews on that book, but it sounds pretty dark/hard and I think, for now at least, I’ll avoid…

    I’m proud of you for showing up – it does take a lot more energy to get out the door at the end of the day, but what great memories and time for connection with friends. Gold star!


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