Navarre Beach is Down One Fly

My Dad can do anything! Today, in a feat of superhuman skill, he killed a fly in Navarre Beach. In doing so, he knocked over a small amount of beer so the fly was laid to rest in a slight mist of beer foam. Not a bad way to lay in state!

SMS won son-in-law of the day for documenting the occasion. He’s the family photographer!

Unfortunately, I cannot find the ultimate picture that I thought I texted to myself.
But, in other awesome news, SMS and I went to a Waffle House, went to my brother’s beautiful new house, hung out with my parents, and had an early Thanksgiving meal with my family. Such a great day! I know this blog entry is subpar but I’m typing on my phone. I didn’t bring a laptop with me, which is providing a really nice break!

3 thoughts on “Navarre Beach is Down One Fly”

  1. Hey – it’s a great post, and kudos for doing it from your phone and keeping the streak alive <3
    And every day is better when it includes waffles!

  2. That’s the perfect, funny update while you’re away. As mentioned elsewhere, not every blogpost needs to be an elaborate piece of writing 😉 Enjoy the time with your family!!

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