Travel Day

Travel day! SMS and I are off to the Florida panhandle where we will miss the tropical storm and possibly toss a mullet (I.e. toss one of the local fish in a “mullet toss” which I actually think is only in February)!

We are meeting up with most of my nuclear family for an early Thanksgiving. My brother and family lives in Pensacola so we have the added bonus of a Blue Angels homecoming show!

I am really looking forward to an extended long weekend. We’re going to stay in a hotel near my brother’s place. Although there’s room at my brother’s place, SMS and I decided that we’d like to make the trip dual-focus: a family trip and a beachfront getaway. The beach is supposed to be really nice and really, a change of scenery for a few days sounds great!

The above picture very much features a fake smile by SMS. This is after we went to the wrong terminal to stop at the Centurian Lounge, which is closed for renovation but had a takeaway lunch bag. So nice! But in order to get to the correct terminal, we had to exit past security and walk through the “terminal connector,” which was a crosswalk in the parking garage. Then we were in terminal one, which is very nice even if we did have to go through security again. It’s named after Harvey Milk and, even though I know he’s dead, there was a guy taking a picture in front of an old photo that looked just like him with appropriate age added from the photo. Family member?! SMS and I started wildly speculating.

So, now we’re in Dallas in another Centurian lounge. Such a luxe day! I had a drink called the Tex/Mex which tasted like a donkey kick. Although we’re arriving into Pensacola on the late side, it should be pretty tolerable since we’re on PST. Then, it’s off to the beach!

4 thoughts on “Travel Day”

  1. Oh, you’re coming down to the Sunshine State! Good thing you’ll be in Pensacola and miss the storm. I hope you have good weather and enjoy the beach!

  2. Wishing you a great weekend! I love those short getaways and combining a beach getaway with a family meet-up sounds like a good plan. We spend each summer with the family in Germany but I always try to sneak in a couple days for us what makes it feel more like a vacation and less like a family visit – not that I don’t like family visits- I love them- but I am friend of multitasking 😉

  3. Since I am so late in reading I hope that weekend was wonderful. And then I can probably just skip forward and learn all about it. I sometimes wish I was able to keep up with everything in time… But here I am days later

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