Navarre Beach Day

We had the nicest Saturday with my family. Everyone came over to our hotel and we set up a good ol’ fashioned chair circle on the beach. It always cracks me up because I still clearly remember what I thought as a child, “How can adults just sit there for hours?!?! They’re so boring!” Well, Tierney-kid, the answer is beer.

We did go in the ocean though! I’m always a little braver when I’m with a group. One, I somehow feel there’s a group invincibility and, should that fail, there’s a slightly reduced chance that’ll be me who gets eaten by the shark.

After a great afternoon that got progressively more cloudy but no rain, Mom and Dad had to go to the airport. The rest of us went to Juana’s Pagodas. We grabbed a drink in the sand floor bar, which was cool. Then we headed over to Joe’s for a very graze-y leftovers dinner.

Then, SMS and I said our goodbyes and went back to the hotel. Ed was heading back early in the morning and SMS and I decided that we would explore on our own. It was really nice to see my family, minus my sister who I need to make plans to see sometime soon. I miss her!

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  1. That sounds like a great day at the beach. I did surf lifesaving as a teenager and wouldn’t swim alone on an ocean beach (too dangerous here usually)

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