Gulf Island National Seashore

SMS and I had our last breakfast at the Springhill Suites Navarre Beach. If you’re in the area, it was a really nice hotel with a resort-like feel and reasonable price.

I took in the balcony view and then we headed into Pensacola via Rte 399. This leads to a National Park Service undeveloped beach area that is beautiful! There was a lot of algae in the water today which made the water particularly green, which is usually gross but was really pretty today.

SMS and I walked around a bit. We saw one jellyfish and several snowy plovers, my favorite type of beach bird!

Then we went to the Coffee Cup Restaurant in Pensacola, which was awesome. It’s a diner with great food with a Southern emphasis. Read: grits, biscuits, fried mullet, and tomato gravy. The fried mullet will have to be tried another time but otherwise, we had a great sampling. And I bought a tee-shirt! We also saw a scold-y sign that advocates for timeliness!

Then it was time to drop off the car and head out from Pensacola. We traveled a little inefficiently, going to Charlotte before heading to SFO. But now we’re here listening to horrible Muzak as we head to the gate. SMS calls it “Endless Journey.”

SMS was also hilarious today in playing the role of fashion commentator. I came out of the restroom in my (cute!) sweater and he started laughing. He asked where I got the sweater. When I said Amazon, he said, “GRAM-azon?” He then asked if I borrowed it from my grandmother. Rude!

7 thoughts on “Gulf Island National Seashore”

    1. Well, it was in the t-shirt sale room/back room. I agree, it’s not very nice but I also thought it was hilariously cranky. Also, as SMS said, probably not even legal to dock pay like that.

  1. Yikes. What a note! That’s very intense. That said, I can imagine how much of a hassle it is to be an employer with people showing up habitually late. Though you tend to attract more flies with honey than vinegar.
    Anyhoo – put the tally up another notch for the sweater. It is adorable!!

  2. I laughed so hard about SMS’ last comment… because I love cardigans (in all shapes and sizes. Yours is so cute!) and my husband also calls them old lady sweaters. I have no idea why???!!!

  3. That beach view – sigh. Can I please go on vacation now? That comment about the sweater could have benn so my husband. Men are unbelievable sometimes 😉

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