Back at Work!

After an amazing long weekend, it was back to work! I think a long weekend is the perfect amount of time to be away. It was a treat to be away on a workday, but I wasn’t crushed by emails and to-do’s the second I got back. I am a little crushed with paperwork at the end of the day, but I will catch up tomorrow. [Cue eyeroll. As you can see, still working on the keeping up with notes during clinic goal!]

Today, I had a photoshoot for a work headshot. I definitely get a little “freeze-y” in front of the camera, but the pictures turned out nicely. I had SMS help me pick up the ones to choose. He’s taken lots of photos and has a good eye, while I sometimes pick out pictures that are not as great.

Well, short and sweet “today.” I’m a day behind in posts, but later in the week is more open so I can start to tackle my November blog goal of not only posting daily, but finishing up my catch-up posts from late Summer/early Fall travels.

2 thoughts on “Back at Work!”

  1. You’re so right – a long weekend is the perfect length of time.
    I remember in my husband’s previous position he had a LOT of vacation time accrued, but it felt scary to take the time off because the build-up of work when he got back literally felt insurmountable. There are lots of issues inherent in that problem (and he’s now in a different job!), but a long-weekend (especially if most other people are off) just feels like such a good happy-medium.


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