Gift Guides!

‘Tis the season…to get distracted from the main mission of buying presents for others and buying presents for meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

But in preparation for this post, I looked at Martha Stewart’s Gift Guide email, which is basically great stuff you can buy from her merchandise. Does anyone remember when she was sentenced to jail and stores were having fire sales of her branded merchandise? It was probably high-quality, but I had enough at the time and didn’t stock up. And now? Martha’s back (and has been for a long time).

But then I noticed she has CBD gummies. Actually, I already knew this because I read the NYTimes profile of Martha Stewart, which talks about her thirst trap IG photos and her CBD gummies. It’s a pretty hilarious article. I think Martha Stewart is in on the joke. All the way to the bank.

AND! Mike Tyson has CBD gummies shaped like an ear with a bite out of it, aka Evander Holyfield who actually agreed to team up with him. Jeez, that’s a powerful level of forgiveness.

I have known CBD gummies were a thing, but I am very impressed with the pop culture tie-ins. Honestly, I haven’t done a lot of critical evaluation re: CBD. I feel like there’s so much pseudo-science and placebo effects gimmicks out there that I just can’t spend time researching another one. I’ve heard they’re great for sleep, but my woo-woo approach to sleep involves sleep meditations and yoga nidra. They both really work! But when I recommend to patients, I usually get an eyeroll. Or they try it once with a bad attitude so of course it doesn’t help.

I usually fall asleep within 3 minutes of my head hitting the pillow to the chagrin of my Oura ring. The only time I need some help is during times of transition and stress. During those times, sleep meditations are the best. I really like Anna Greenberg through the Peloton app. My favorite yoga nidra link is here, a free audio file about 20 minutes long, I think. I really have never reached the end of it.

That’s it for a very tangential post. Time for a nap.

4 thoughts on “Gift Guides!”

  1. Ha ha, I love gift guides! I’m not sure about the CBD gummy ear with a bite taken out of it though (although I get the context…) CBD seems to work for some people and not others- I’ve never tried it. i think there are probably better ways to fall asleep.

  2. I also have done zero research on CBD at all, talk about gummies. The Mike Tyson one is hilariously weird. Maybe Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan could do one with a knee cap or an ice skate?

    I don’t have any trouble falling asleep, but I sometimes wake in the middle of the night and cannot go BACK to sleep. I don’t keep my phone in my room, so apps likely won’t work. I tried the calm app at one point, and it didn’t really do anything for me, so I gave that up.

  3. This is hilarious!
    Okay, I am a big skeptic about most things and tend to avoid ALL “medications” and “remedies” entirely.
    But I started using CBD oil this year and do think it has made a positive impact on my overall health. I don’t use it daily, but aim for 3x/week. It has definitely helped with sleep and I think it has also helped with anxiety symptoms. I stopped using it over the summer and I noticed a marked change in some low-level symptoms. Eventually, I thought – I wonder if CBD oil could actually have been helping me more than I thought? It’s hard to tell of course, because there are so many other extenuating circumstances, but I’m convinced enough to keep taking it at this frequency each week. It’s not like a night/day thing…but I think it really has helped me. My doctor was supportive as well; even if it is just a placebo effect, I’ll take it!
    For what it’s worth, gummies tend to be a big money grab – it’s so much cheaper to get these products in the straight oil form…and of course this way avoid sugars/dyes.

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