Grocery Stores, Bags, and Bars

So, my bag situation has been annoying me lately. I use a sac-style leather bag most days with everything jumbled at the bottom. Without the fail, the item I am looking for will be the last thing I find. In addition, something I definitely do not want will be jumping into my hand saying, “Me, me!” I bought a bag organizer awhile ago- an inexpensive $10 nylon divider bag from Amazon which seems reasonable but has been used only a handful of times.

So, today, I switched to a handbag so I could walk around without my laptop weighing me down. Which meant I carried my laptop around like a folder. Are you getting a sense of foreboding? Because you should.

So, after a morning of making office calls to potential referring physicians and an afternoon clinic, I went to the grocery store with my co-worker. Yes, it’s been featured before! That’s right, it’s the grocery store bar! We grabbed a beer and listened to the drama of a grocery store bar. Apparently, there are weirdos who come to it and it’s not always empty. We learned this from the 20 and a half year old who was at the bar asking his manager/bartender Mom to serve him a beer. She said no, but they were very funny. Among other strange people, there was a regular who would come in the afternoon, take control of the remote, and watch her soap operas. She stopped coming after they stopped letting her hold the remote and made a policy that only TV sports were allowed.

But then, near disaster happened. I went to pick up a roast chicken and veggies for dinner. As I was walking out of the store, I realized I had my chicken, my veggies, my handbag…and no laptop. I rushed back inside and, no luck, it wasn’t there.

I felt so dumb. Yes, I had a beer, but it was a pretty low alcohol pilsner. I just had too many things to track and had deviated from my normal bag routine. I was so bummed out and felt really dumb. I left my number in case it turned up and headed home, very sad. I was an exceptionally yield-y driver, trying to generate good karma in the hopes it would pay off.

Well. A half hour later I got a call, it had been found! SMS and I drove to the grocery store where my new BFF had locked the computer away and gave it to me. I tried to give her a tip but she refused. I get it. I’ve had people try to tip before after doing something nice, but I’ve never taken it. But I at least wanted to try. You know, like a reward listed on a poster.

So now, I’m not going to hand-carry something very important and expensive. Into the bag it goes! Along with everything else, hiding away at the bottom.

11 thoughts on “Grocery Stores, Bags, and Bars”

  1. I actually felt sick as I was reading – that pit-in-your-stomach feeling that comes when something like this happens. I am SO glad it had a happy ending but also – yikes, that must have felt so intensely awful until you got the call.
    I use a Hershel laptop bookbag. It’s stylish, has a slot for my laptop that keeps it separate from the main pouch? Might be a solution?

  2. That’s hilarious, because it had a happy ending, and because you are too funny. I especially liked you being extra yield-y in hopes of good karma. And look, it worked! If you had been angry and cut people off and such, you’d have never gotten your laptop back.

    It’s when we deviate from our routine that disaster strikes, right? I think about that when I hear about toddlers being left in the car on hot days…invariably, it is because the parent dropping the kid at daycare does’t usually do it…kid falls asleep in the back of the car, parent forgets they are there, work on their mind, and drive to the office instead of the daycare. So your computer almost tragedy is a warning! Stick to routine! Carry that big bottomless pit bag!

    1. You’re right! I should either stick with one bag or make going to the grocery store bar more of a routine. Both!?!?

      As I type this, I wonder *why* I switch bags? I have had so many near-disasters over the year with a wallet left in one, forgetting a badge in another, etc. I need to stop the madness!

  3. Oh man, you were trying to “improve your bag situation” and made it worse. But you know what? This only happens to you once (and I am glad it had such a happy ending) and after that you’ll never leave your laptop anywhere again. 😉

  4. I am in a similar bag boat. I have dozens of bags and none of them does exactly what I want it to. *Heavy sigh* I’m so glad your laptop was found! What a scary situation.

  5. Oh, my goodness…what a scary situation! One of those heart-stopping moments. Thank goodness for honest people (and new BFFs…).

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