I will never eat again…

You know how mindfulness teachers will talk about “Be in the moment.” I feel that oftentimes, this is not a very big problem for me. In the moment, I feel something very strongly and it seems like it will be a permanent state. This morning, I woke up still full from yesterday night’s dinner and I thought to myself, “I will never eat again.” Well, that’s clearly not true but kind of funny that it seems so true in the moment.

This has also happened to me in the grocery store when I make the mistake of shopping when I have just eaten. I lack the imagination to consider I will be hungry again so I often underbuy. This is different than when I go shopping while hungry because then I just overbuy and lean towards ridiculous amounts of snacks.

There are some foods that I try to avoid buying because it is difficult for me to stop eating. This usually falls into the salty crunchy category. The little crispy mochi bites from Trader Joe’s? My kryptonite! I also really like Trader Joe’s Chinese cracker mix. My favorite cracker? The round silver dollar sized one. Don’t worry- I don’t think that fact is the basis for any of my password security questions. Or is it…I may have been too hungry at the time to dedicate to remembering!

It is lovely to be back in San Diego. It’s fun to be back as a visitor, especially when it’s a fun family holiday trip! It makes me realize how fantastic the weather really is here. I also love my in-laws backyard. It is a little piece of paradise. SMS and I even did 30 minutes of yoga in the backyard today. It was so nice!

Thanksgiving dinner was amazing. The turkey was really well done, the dressing delicious, the cranberry sauce the perfect citrus zestiness, the potatoes amazing, and the green bean casserole was loaded with bacon. I really liked it and I also find it funny when the veggie sides are loaded with meat. You know, to ward off the evil spirits of healthfulness, antioxidants, and phytochemicals!

For lunch, we went to Point Loma Fish Shop, where I had a delicious scallop and ono fish taco. So tasty! Then we went to Eppig and grabbed a beer. We hung out with SMS’ childhood friend and it was fun to catch up with him.

5 thoughts on “I will never eat again…”

  1. Ha! This phenomenon is so familiar to me. I have experienced both the “I’ll never eat again” feeling and the different types of grocery store thinking-with-my-stomach. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  2. Ha! I literally do not think I’ve ever felt like I will never eat again. I have never felt “stuffed” – I think I lack that ability. I got up from the Thanksgiving table thinking I could have another two plates, but I refrained because everyone else stopped eating. LOL.


  3. With me, I can feel stuffed but I’m still thinking “I wonder how long it will take this to digest, so I can eat again?” This is probably not a good thing.
    Our whole dinner was vegan, but it was still loaded with unhealthy elements- salt, oil, and sugar. Oh well. That’s why Thanksgiving dinner tastes so good.


  4. I can relate to much of this…I can’t go grocery shopping if I have just eaten, unless I have a very organized and thorough list, because I can’t imagine wanting to eat ever again. Also, I can’t go hungry, because a bag of salt and vinegar kettle chips will become my lunch.

    If we eat breakfast in a restaurant, I love to get a big veggie omelette and ask them to add bacon. Delicious.


  5. I think we all know these completely insane thoughts that for some reason we know are insane, but still dictate our behaviors. Evolution, man, when is it going to catch up?

    So glad you had a lovely time down in SD. I’ll have to go back and visit sometime. It’s been a while.


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