Happy Thanksgiving!

Do you know that Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving Song premiered in 1992? It was on Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon on SNL. I had no idea it was so old! And yes, I was around and definitely remember it.

Today, we’re traveling to San Diego. I sent ahead wine, which is my party trick of the last few years. SMS and I usually travel into see family so we’re not much use in helping with the food or potluck. But I am very good at ordering and sending wine. It’s my superpower. [This is tongue in cheek. I find it very obnoxious when people reference their “superpower.” OMG. It’s a strength, at best.]

Last night, we went out for pizza. I picked up SMS from outside the building and we straight to Delfina’s. It was a treat!

In addition to the dinner, we saw the world’s saddest looking dog outside of the restaurant. I hope his owner brought him some sausage or delicious doggie pizza. That’s a thing, right?

For our feathered friend pet, we went to Safeway and purchased a Thanksgiving feast. We received the usual amount of gratitude from the bird: zero.

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. “We received the usual amount of gratitude from the bird: zero.”
    Ha – this is how I feel just about everyday from my kids! I guess, though, it’s a good sign that we’re taking such good care of them (the kids, the bird) that they’re so used to such treatment they forget to be grateful?!
    To be fair, my kids are pretty good at being appreciative, but when you’ve spent two hours cooking and get a sigh and wrinkled nose…well, I’m not a big fan of that response!

    Happy Thanksgiving <3

  2. My dog always looks so sad unless she’s actively engaged in insanity. They have this body language and those crazy eyes/eyebrows that make it seem as if they are actively being abused. Ha ha! I bet that dog gets lots of love and treats!!

  3. That poor dog DOES look so sad! Why have my people gone inside and are eating delicious food and I’m OUT HERE? So not cool.

    I agree with you about the superpower thing, and I like that you use it nonetheless. Sending wine ahead is kind of a genius move, though.

  4. That’s so sweet that you thought of the birds… although they do tend to be less appreciative than – say – dogs, when you give them a treat. You should have brought something for the sweet Golden Retriever.

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