Long December

Remember the song by the Counting Crows? I sort of do- they weren’t my favorite band as I’m not the biggest fan of male singers who sound like they are whining/singing. And yes, I know they were a huge band and I have very strange opinions on really minor things at times but hey, we all have our flaws.

Anyway, this December has been flying by. Much like a month of dieting, I did not develop any long-term good blogging habits from a month of blogging consistently. Alas. We did have a pretty stressful, multi-day hiccup occur with our new apartment rental plans. Fortunately, that has been sorted out which is a huge relief!

As part of our moving prep, the rented Peloton was taken away. I’m so glad I rented it and the program is pretty reasonably priced. Especially if you do the justification math of comparing it to gym membership, boutique classes, and/or other equipment. Do not try to compare it to simply putting sneakers on and running outside because that will not make you feel better. I have been getting back into running consistently by sticking with the Couch to 5K program. No injuries or major tweaks, so that’s great news. The snowman above is from my run this morning before work. It was cool in a cheesy Frosty way.

When we move into our new place, I plan on using the Peloton app with the gym equipment there. When I get my storage shipment delivered, I’m not totally sure what I want to do with the Peloton I actually own. I really love how I feel after a Peloton workout. I am way more endorphin-y than running, although running is better for keeping weight down. It will probably come down to how big (or how small) the apartment feels with all of our other stuff. TBD.

Work has been going well. The above picture is me about to drive into a low-hanging cloud on the way to the hospital. Not the best picture but it was a picture that I took without looking since I was driving. It is amazing how the fog settles in the valley. That morning was super thick to the point of needing to slow down pretty significantly. I felt safe, but I’m glad it was earlier in the morning with fewer cars on the road.

5 thoughts on “Long December”

  1. That is a HUGE inflatable!!!

    Glad the rental issues are resolved. Home/rental stresses can overshadow everything else happening in life when there is an issue. Good luck with all the logistics ❤


  2. Everything I hear from Peloton users/owners is that it is The Best. I would totally allow myself to be wooed over to the Peloton side except that our basement ceiling is too low for a Peloton. Oh well. I have tried doing some of the classes through a free trial of the app and didn’t love it, though.

    Your comment about male singers whine/singing made me snort. So true!


  3. I loved your comment about comparing a Pelaton to running shoes. I’ve never tried a Pelaton, and there is absolutely no room in our place anyway, but I have friends who LOVE THEM.

    I’m glad to hear that your job at UCSF is going well. I live in the East Bay, and UCSF is TOPS. I have a friend who is getting chemo there right now. She does not love chemo, but she is very fond of her doctor.


  4. As you know, I love my Peloton and I actually made room for it in our living room. We don’t have a ton of space, but I make it a priority because I literally use it every single day. You gotta work with what you got. Good luck on the move!!


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