Wrap-Up: April

April Wrap-Up time! Above is a picture of me reading in the Bougieville pool. SMS and I decided to have a lazy Sunday afternoon by the pool on a relatively warm day and it was delightful. I’m still a little leery of the hot tub as more and more kids use it as a restroom swim in it, but the pool is a real delight. Maybe I will even start lap swimming, but I don’t want to dry out my hair. Decisions!

Early in the month, SMS and I went out to dinner at Saltbox in San Carlos. I really like that restaurant. The menu always has a tempting healthy option, as well as a few comfort food items so there’s something to fit every mood. I ordered a glass of wine from Jax vineyards and it was amazing! I took a picture of the bottle. Jax will play a role later in the month when…

Rip and Linda came to town! On Friday, I met them at Jax for a glass of wine. There is a tasting room near the ballpark and it’s really a beautiful oasis. The patio is shaded and the small garden is beautiful. And, the wine is delicious! For dinner, we went to Altovino, which was excellent. I had incredible parking luck- the waiter even commented on it because he saw us parking when he was looking through the window! The food was good and while the restaurant was full, it was fairly low-volume so conversation was pretty easy.

Rip and SMS cooked dinner on Saturday, which was awesome. SMS cooked the salmon in the pizza oven using a cast iron skillet. It turned out really well. The trip overall was more mellow than others (no ragers in Napa) and we had the best time!

The last weekend of the month, I decided to take a trip to Washington, DC for my 25th (!) high school reunion. It was a lot of fun. I have not kept in touch with anyone (FB doesn’t count!) for over 20 years. This isn’t necessarily something I’m bragging about, it’s just what it is. I had a really nice time catching up with people who, honestly, looked almost the same to me. The fountain of youth has been found! The above pictures were taken near the end of the night, in case you can’t tell. Overall, it was a really nice event and I had forgotten how beautiful Georgetown is. It makes me want to go back for a slightly longer DC visit. Mom and Dad, answer your door! I’m here!

Even better, I had some sister time! Yay! Brady and I hung out twice. It was such a treat. My niece wasn’t feeling well, so we couldn’t hang out as a full family, but Brady and her son came out while her husband and niecie stayed home :(. On Saturday, we took a walk in Alexandria while on Sunday, Brady and I were ladies who brunched going to Zaytinya (love!), the Portrait Gallery, and a quick drink at a hotel bar. Then, I headed off to DCA to head back to CA.

So, that was April, a definite win!

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  1. I’ve not heard of Jax wine, I don’t think, but will definitely keep my eyes open for it. Your time with friends sounds lovely, and gosh, I do love DC. I was there in 1995, and then finally again in 2019. I love the museums, and have had pretty good luck with restaurants as well.

    1. Jax is delicious! Yes, I miss DC a lot. I wouldn’t mind moving back someday but since I married a 100% Californian, I’m “trapped” on the Best Coast.

  2. What a fun month. I had to laugh at this: “I’m still a little leery of the hot tub as more and more kids use it as a restroom” – TRUTH!

    Also, I’m with you on not wanting to get my hair wet. It is such a nuisance. I really can’t let my hair air-dry because it becomes so unruly, so I’m often deliberating about how to keep my hair dry during water activities. Maybe one of my goals for this summer should be to let it go and just swim (though more than anything I struggle with being cold in the water, so there is that too!)

  3. Oh yay, time with your sister (always precious) and a high school reunion. Is this the first time you went after 25 years? I haven’t been to any reunions of mine (it never worked out with the timing) but my sister still lives in our home town (and so do some other people from school), so I get updates on some people every now and then. And I keep in touch with by bff (duh!) and a few other people (loosely).

  4. Getting in the pool in April is a real win! The weather looked gorgeous and I’m glad your April was so much fun!

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