July Wrap-Up

In an effort to post the most flattering pictures on the internet, here is me and a friend’s child taking our 4th of July corn-on-the-cob eating very seriously. So, yes, July started off right! We had a nice BBQ/pool day with friends from work and their two kids. It was a lot of fun. We haven’t been great at meeting up again since their 4 year old’s calendar is quite full of birthday parties but SMS and I will take what we can get!

Truly the dumbest thing I’ve done on a 4th of July but what can I say? I was surrounded by USMC.

The next weekend, we went to San Diego. I thought I had Reserves stuff but instead, I had mixed up the weekend dates. Ooops. So, we hung out with SMS’ family, including a trip to the Del’s “Taco Shack” where we hung out with his sister and BIL as well.

SMS and I went for a hike at Torrey Pines. We wanted to see the rockslide debris from the Spring, when we had seen pretty epic videos on YouTube. Some of it may have been cleared out, but it was still pretty impressive.

We walked down the beach to Flat Rock. SMS didn’t think the beach access was open, but it was as it was a little South of where the big rock slide had been. We walked up Broken Hill trial and took a left onto North Fork Trail. It was really beautiful and I’m glad we got out for the hike.

The next weekend was my trip to NYC, which I wrote about in a separate posts.

The following weekend, we went back to San Diego for another visit. We went for a really nice walk along the bay on Bessemer Path in Point Loma. It was really pretty on a cloudy day. It ends a Kellogg Beach, a quiet neighborhood beach with very calm water.

We wrapped July up with the Taylor Swift concert, which was definitely an experience. I’m glad we went! I feel like it was a defining event of Summer 2023.

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  1. Your July was so full of adventures. Sounds like a great month. The trail hike has beautiful views. How long was that walk?
    And then a weekend in NYC. I was there ones in August and it was so so hot that I didn’t feel like doing anything. Was it hot in July too?

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