Animal August

I thought C-bird was getting a little feral so I made her eat from my hand. This was done begrudgingly but it was a success. Bird! I will make you love me!

C-bird’s favorite human trimmed her beak this month. She had quite a snagglebeak. Although she squacked her head off (figuratively), she was pretty good during the beak trim. Although she tried to hide afterwards, unsuccessfully.

I saw a very large banana slug on a hike! We hiked the Grabtown Gulch trail in the Santa Cruz mountains. It was a great hike- moderately challenging, not too long, and in the shade.

SMS got a donkey for his birthday.

We went to the Cantor Arts Center to see the Golden Spike. On the way in, we passed a Deborah Butterfield horse statue (bronze, not driftwood)!

Finally, SMS and I took care of these two wild animals in San Diego! We had the best time with these two!

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