2021 Wrap Up: May

End of Year Wrap-Up, incoming! I wasn’t the best at keeping up-to-date on the blog this year. Understatement! I am going to blame COVID-fatigue. I couldn’t plan or enjoy a significant amount of “real” travel. Also, I am looking forward to when SMS and I don’t have to travel for our commuter marriage, which will be ending June 2022. Don’t worry! Only the commuter part is ending! More details in the September photo dump, coming soon!

Proud bird, top of the totem pole!
Getting the window mechanisms fixed on the Model 3. The service guy came to the house. Please note, he took off the door. Not me.
One of my new faves in Little Italy

Our favorite kid, looking sharp! He and SMS are BFFs. SMS also looks pretty good for having moved the day prior!
From the same party- Jyotsna’s 40th! It was so much fun. She has so many nice friends and neighbors. Afterward, I learned about the amazing power of a suede cleaning brush for muddy shoes! We’re all older and wiser!
Oysters at Teleferic Barcelona. Cool presentation for this dish but overall, the restaurant was a bit of a miss for us. Mainly because at the prices charged in Palo Alto, the restaurant has a high bar to clear to be worth going back. In this case, the croquetas were frozen in the middle and the service was so-so with a messed up order. Win some, lose some.

Bird Update: Shit Where You Eat

Pardon the crudeness, but the birds have reached a new low.  Their terratorial-ness/laziness and desire to be as close as possible to their food has resulted in the following perching posture:





THAT’S RIGHT!  Their little rear ends are perched right over their food dish and, yes curious reader, they DO poop in their food dish!  What are they thinking?  I do not know. All I know this is another respect in which they do NOT resemble me and my siblings for whom they are named after.  FYI.

Bird Update: This is why we can’t have nice things

Keeping an eye on the neighbors…

I have always wanted to be crafty.  That is, crafty as in Martha Stewart, not crafty as in nefarious plotter.  I have had many craft fails although the number has fallen in recent years as I have realized, I am usually epitomize Pinterest Fail.  My last Pinterest Fail was just before my wedding.  Inspired by many twee DIY wedding posts, I decided to have styrofoam purple globes that would hold an assortment of sushi-shaped lollipops since at the time, SMS and I were about to move to Japan.  Well, armed with a can of purple spray paint, I optimistically battled my inner proclivity for failed crafts and sprayed away.  I lost the battle.  Looking at the sad, porous, unevenly colored purple globe, I decided that the sushi lollipops would look just fine spread out on a table.  And that was that.

Until recently!  I had some paper globes from Flying Tiger obtained on the Scandanavian Summer trip.  I glued them to an Ikea lampshade I had and it looked great.  But, as you may have guessed from the title, the birds have attacked.

Before getting into the story, quick update!  All the birds are great.  I even got to pet Harry Potter bird the other day, which was awesome although I was worried I would get nipped the entire time.  Whenever I go on a trip, I always put out enough food and when I get back, I always look at the bottom of the cage to make sure there are not one (or more) set of little bird feet pointed to the sky.  So far, so good.

The birds are allowed out of their cage and until recently, hung out on the top of the cage.  Now they have found the lampshade and have wreaked havoc.  Parakeets really like to chew paper.  Pro-parakeet blogs say it is because parakeets are smart and need to occupy their time.  Well, I have four little dum-dums here, but they still like to chew paper.  So, now, photographic evidence of their destruction…

Innocent faces

I don’t know what you’re talking about!

Nothing to see here!

Caught in the act!

In addition to eating the globes, they also poop on them.  This is not a surprise because they already perch over the food and water dishes and poop in those.  This is basically my main premise for thinking that these parakeets are not the smartest.


So, that’s it for the (bird) siblings update.  Next time, adventures in the bird bath!