Charleston Bachelorette Weekend!

Last weekend, I went to Charleston to celebrate my friend!  It was her bachelorette party weekend, hosted by her best friend from high school.  We spent the weekend at her friend’s house in Mt. Pleasant, just across the bridge from Charleston.  It was a great group of women, most of whom I was meeting for the first time.

The lovely house, clearly not at midnight!

I arrived after midnight and within 5 minutes, had exchanged a lot of hugs and had a glass of wine in my hand.  Two thoughts: 1. Score and 2. There goes tomorrow’s long run plans!  We stayed up until 4 a.m, talking, catching up, and drink wine with the occasional Jello shot thrown in.  Yes, really!  We could hang with our college-aged selves I think.

Until we couldn’t, hahaha.  The next morning was a little rough although for me, it was mostly the lack of sleep.  We got up at 8:45 to go for a 5 mile run (better than nothing!) before heading to Bendy Brewski, a yoga session held at the Ghost Monkey brewery.  The class was pretty awesome and I felt very healthy afterwards.  I tried two stouts at the brewery- an Oyster Stout and Old Russian Imperial.  I really liked the Oyster Stout and will be on the lookout for another.  I know Flying Dog has one but I think they’re a little misogynistic, naming beers after ex-girlfriends in pretty unflattering ways so I’m not going to support that!

The crew, old friends and new photobomber friends!

Anyway, we started getting pree-tty hungry after no food and all that activity so we took a rideshare over to Coleman Public House.   We had a delicious brunch with shared appetizers and a main.  The appetizers were delicious- crab & corn fritters, pimento cheese dip, rosemary popcorn and mac ‘n’ cheese.  It’s so nice being in a big group- I got to try a bite or two of everything!  For my main, I ate half of a Fungi burger with Gruyere, mushrooms, caramelized onions and truffle oil. It was delicious.  The burger was huge so I saved the rest for later, which ended up being at 3 a.m when I was denied a biscuit (see later in post!). 

Initially, we had big plans for the afternoon but since they were sun-dependent, we decided to go back to Stephanie’s house.  Several people watched Ali Wong’s “Baby Cobra” comedy special but I Irish-goodbye’d it and went off to take a nap.  Pretty much everyone napped that afternoon and we all agreed that was probably the best way to spend the afternoon! Continue reading “Charleston Bachelorette Weekend!”