Sibling Week!

It was such a busy week that I took very few pictures. So, bird siblings will have to do.

This past week was a completely crazy week of work and travel.  While I certainly don’t feel like  I have a problem saying no, this past week had so many interesting things smushed into it which I said yes to all. 

The week actually started out on the wrong foot the previous Friday.  When I was trying to make a walk-in for a patient the next Friday, the nurse and I realized that the main scheduler had scheduled both a clinic and OR for me that day.  This was especially stressful since I found this out during an hour with three scheduled patients and three complex walk-ins during my triage clinic where my “help” was an intern that was in so over his head, his help was completely worthless.  Sorry.  That sounds harsh.  I know that I, too, was in that spot at certain points in my training.  But still, it just added to my stress on that particular afternoon.  I finally got through the afternoon and, as part of the solution for the double-booking, my clinic schedule for the next week was pretty packed.

Over the weekend, I got ready for my trip to Japan and other assorted errands.  I worked a weekend call with one bad night that resulted in some intense sleep deprivation thanks to a very unfortunate patient with a posterior nose bleed who bled a LOT and was in pretty bad shape by the time I got to him.  I got the nosebleed under control but prior to me getting there, he had been intubated due to altered consciousness and had aspirated a lot.  So, he had a rough road to recovery coming his way, even with the nosebleed stopped.

So.  Onto the workweek.  I had initially planned on taking a 3 day faculty development course, so I was scheduled for a full day of clinic on Monday, which is not my normal day.  Then on Tuesday, I went to faculty development  classes in the morning and then had clinic in the afternoon. Wednesday was another clinic day thanks to the scheduling mix-up for Friday.  What made it annoying was that it was the second time in six weeks that this had happened to me.  I understand people make mistakes (I do!) but to make the same mistake twice in such short order was aggravating.  Anyway.  I’ll give you a second or two to dry your tears that I know you are shedding for me right now.  You’ll need clear eyesight to call the Whambulance for me.

After a clinic day, I headed off to the airport.  The prior week, I had accepted an offer to be a last-minute replacement faculty for the oral board review course taken by exam candidates the two days before their oral boards.  I had taken the course myself five years ago and found it to be helpful.  It is funny to be on the other side as teaching faculty.  It was a little more prep work than I anticipated because I thought the cases were prepared by the course designers and I was just a body to present them.  Nope.  So the day prior, I put together cases to present in private and public sessions.  It wasn’t hard but was another few hours of work that I hadn’t anticipated (but had totally signed myself up for).

Back to Wednesday.  A huge bonus about the course is that it’s held in Chicago meaning I got to see my brother and his wife.  Yay!  I was also happy that I made it into downtown alive since I had a very nice, very enthusiastic Lyft driver who initially seemed like a competent driver but then as we approached the city, starting changing lanes without really looking if anyone was in the next lane.  He would look out the window to make sure no one was immediately next to us but did not really consider how badly he was cutting people off.  There was another stellar move when, at one point, I was wondering why the car next to us was in two lanes but then when I saw the lane markers, I realized it was us.  

Ed and I met in a downtown bar where he was waiting for a text from The Purple Pig restaurant, which is a delicious foodie delight!  I had been a few years ago during a conference and was excited to go back.  Ed was a little disappointed he wasn’t showing me something new-to-me but it’s ok, we were both excited about the food and drink. 

The text message came through and Ed had me leave ahead of him to try and get to the restaurant quickly.  Since I was walking fast and had two heavy-ish shoulder bags, I promptly bit it on the sidewalk right outside the bar, tripping over a large crack that caused a level mismatch.  Ok, ok, I know what that looks like but seriously guys, give me more credit than that!  Wait, does it sound better that I fell because I can’t manage walking on a city sidewalk.  You know, walking, that skill I’ve been “perfecting” for the last 39 years?  Oh well.  I banged my right knee pretty hard which has actually continued to hurt and impact my running.  Since I was planning a race in May, TBD on that particular event.

The Purple Pig was awesome.  Meg joined us after her review class and the three of us ordered multiple sets of paired dishes, since our table couldn’t hold more than that.  Ed promptly told the waitress many lies about my military service, to which I embraced the improv comedy mentality of “Yes, and…” which opens up many possibilities in an improv sketch, rather than shutting down funny comedic flow.  Well, even though it was slightly ridiculous, it did cause them to ask for my id in order to give us a discount.  Which ended up being 50%.  That is totally insane!!!  I have never had a discount that big in a restaurant and TBH, I wonder if there was an industry discount applied since they knew Ed worked in restaurants.  Who knows?  I will take the gift horse!  And don’t worry, I tipped on the original amount!

The next day, I proctored the mock oral exams.  People were nervous, of course, but everyone did well apart from one person who did not have a large fund of knowledge for a certain subspecialty that is 1/4 of the oral exam.  I advised her to get a review book and cram in that particular subject.  I hope it worked out.  It may have been better to postpone the exam although I definitely did not say that aloud.  That would have been a little too discouraging for the role I was serving there.

After the mock orals, I got a ride back to Chicago Airport by a professional driver who had immigrated from Pakistan 25 years ago.  We talked for about half the ride and he was very interesting.  I flew into Norfolk by mid-evening and headed home to the apartment.

The next day, I had an OR day followed by a slightly crazy afternoon filled with catching up on work notes, followed by dropping off the birds at a friend’s house for birdwatching while I was gone for the next two weeks. Then, I drove up to Alexandria to sleep at my other brother’s house since I was going to be on a panel the next morning at a medical meeting.

I woke up before the rest of the house and went to Misha’s coffee, where I got a delicious Americano.  Then, I went to the meeting where I got CME and gave a good presentation, although I know I talked to fast.  But at least I had practiced so I didn’t stumble over my words, just spoke too fast.  The problem was the first person had gone over her time and I felt pressure since there were still two speakers after me.  Ah well.  I got a few compliments and although I know I could have done better, it was overall a good talk rather than bad.  Success!

I left the meeting after the initial afternoon lecture and went to River Farm where Joe, Nicole and the kids were hanging out and buying plants.  It was great to see the boys and excellent timing since they completely crashed for naps when we got home.  My nephews are so cute and I was so happy to see them.  I hung out with Joe and Nicole for a bit and then headed back home.  I actually had a few hours of work to do at the hospital and although it was a late night, I am going on vacation obligation-free and completely caught up on work, which is a very good feeling!

Sunday morning, I headed out to the West Coast where I spent a 23 hour layover with my favorite person- SMS!  He picked me up at SJC and we went to San Pedro’s Market for lunch.  We split Aloo Gobi and a plate of nachos that were pretty middling.  The afternoon was pretty mellow since I was so tired from the week prior.  SMS made a reservation at Oak + Violet, a restaurant in Menlo Park that was pretty awesome.  The decor was Scandi-chic and the food delicious.  We each had a Pinot Noir (we liked the Emeritus over the local Santa Cruz) and a drink.  Mine was a paper plane with bourbon and Aperol, was his was a dark rum Caipirinha.  They were both delicious but when I go back, I think I’m getting the Caipirinha with a little snack plate!

Monday morning featured a crepe and egg for breakfast, followed by being dropped off at the Palo Alto train station, which I greatly appreciated.  I took the train followed by the bus to SFO.  I shopped for my Japanese friend that I am seeing for lunch on Wednesday and then got some much-needed coffee from the Centurian Lounge.  And now I’m up in the air, landing in Japan in just a few hours to complete my week of sibling visits by seeing Brady, Ricardo, and my newest nephew!!  I am so excited and happy!  Vacation and adventure awaits!

Korean Spa Experience

*Warning: TMI and mental pictures that may be difficult to unsee.  Fortunately, no actual photographs exist.*

Although I had never been to a Korean spa, I had heard a few stories to think that I knew what to expect.  I was expecting a no-frills, matter-of-fact experience in which the sin of my benign neglect towards my skin would be expunged and a shiny, moisturized new self would emerge.  Good bye, epidermal chrysalis!  Hello, skin as soft as a baby’s butt!

So, yes, I decided to treat myself on my birthday.  I had the day off and SMS was working.  We had birthday dinner plans but the day was mine.  I went online and booked the “Goddess Treatment,” because why deny my true nature?  I drove to the spa about 45 minutes early so I could soak in the hot tub and steam in the sauna before my treatment. 

I paid up front and went into the locker room.  It was really nice and clean, which I expected for a spa in Palo Alto.  I stripped down, locked up my clothes, and went into the main spa area.  There were two shower areas, one Western-style shower and one similar to showers I had seen in onsens, with a hand-held shower in a chest-level holder, a mirror, a stool and a wash bowl.  I didn’t see the onsen-style shower until after I had taken my stand-up shower but next time, I’ll use that.  I went into the hot tub, which felt delightful. I would guess it was about 102-103 degrees F.  I sat for a bit and decided to brave the cold plunge, which felt so awful that I figure that in some twisted way, it has to be good for me, right?  I also went into the steam room with a hint of eucalyptus in the air.  I mainly focused on the tubs, though, since I wouldn’t be allowed to go into them after the treatments due to the oils and moisturizers used.

My number was called by Lisa, a small woman in a black sports-bra/granny panty set (bathing suit probably but cannot rule out underwear).  We walked into the adjacent treatment area. This back area had a bunch of tiled off stalls that each had a table in the middle with a pad similar to a diaper changing table- foam covered by a plastic-y wrap that was more comfortable than it looked.  I laid down on my stomach with my head turned and, since the partitions between the stalls were only 3/4 length, realized I could look directly into the eyes of the woman getting a treatment next door.  And that is when I closed my eyes. 

So, Lisa had an enemy and it was my epidermis.  She scrubbed with a vigor I thought I had been expecting, but the reality was far more impressive.  I started on my stomach, which seems a good way to begin since I feel that front nakedness is more exposed than back nakedness.  But then it was time to roll onto my back.  She put a folded up towel over my crotch, which at first I thought was for modesty but actually seemed more like a backstop to protect my vagina from an accidental overshoot of vigorous scrubbing.  Although I realize this sounds cringe-worthy don’t worry, it gets worse.

So, in David Sedaris’ book Me Talk Pretty One Day, he talks about how his sister Amy was so dedicated to obtaining a perfect, uniform tan that she would lay out in (un)intentionally lascivious positions to make sure that all areas were hit by the sun- inner thighs, side body, etc.    Well, those were the next two positions as I lay on my side with my legs posed in a way that would have been rather sexy in certain situations but in this scenario was anything but.  At this point, my eyes were closed because if I couldn’t see anyone or anything, maybe no one would see me.  I mean, don’t get me wrong.  It was just me and Lisa but still, that was two people too many to witness that awkward of a position.

After the scrub, I was sent to the shower to rinse off.  I craned my neck so I could look over my shoulder, since I was convinced I would see punctate bleeding.  I didn’t.  I know this sounds slightly ridiculous but this entire treatment was in the spirit of hurts so good.  

After the scrub and rinse, I had a massage that was nice.  Vigorous rather than relaxing still applied, but it felt pretty good.  The massage also made me think back to a time when a (female) dentist I worked with on the Kitty Hawk went to a couples’ massage session in Malaysia since it was cheaper to get the treatments in a shared room.  Well, I was super relaxed during my massage when I was slightly startled by the masseuse asking, popping up right next to my face, “Breast massage?!”  I had no idea of this was legit or totally shady so I said no.  When I asked my friend if the same thing had happened to her, it had and she had totally gone for it!   She said it was fine and mainly focused on the pec muscles rather than breasts proper.

Well, dear readers, life does give second chances.  

After the massage, I had a body wrap.  I know, if this is starting to sound like a lot, we are way past that but remember, it is the goddess treatment.

Finally, all the treatments were complete.  I showered off and sat in the dry sauna and steam room for 45 minutes.  I dried off and then lay in the heated Himalayan salt room.  

So, final verdict.  It was pretty awesome!  Definitely not as relaxing as most of my spa experiences (which aren’t that many), but very invigorating.  I would definitely go again, but I think a scrub alone will be my treatment of choice.  I know!  Even though it feels more like a endurance event than a beauty treatment, my skin did look pret-ty good afterwards.  

Birthday Weekend!


Happy birthday to me!  I ended up taking two days off and spending a long weekend in California.  It was fantastic.  SMS had planned fun things to do and the weather was absolutely beautiful.

The only (out)house we can afford in Silicon Valley. Great views though!

I arrived late Friday night and on Saturday, I woke up for wine time!  Does that sound either way too early and/or that I slept until late afternoon?  Yes.  Though what actually happened is that SMS planned a lunchtime picnic at Ridge Winery, located in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  We drove up the winding mountain road, filled with expensive sports cars and seemingly suicidal bikers.  The Ridge Estate is near the top of Monte Bello, with an incredible view over the Valley.


But first, wine.  We went into the tasting room where SMS asked to sample the chardonnay.  He had been to Ridge the weekend prior with some French colleagues and thought the wine was delicious.  It was.  We ordered a bottle and took it up to the knoll, where there were several tables.


We had a feast!  SMS had bought Mt. Tam cheese, olive tamponade, coppa, and crackers.  It was an awesome spread and we had such a fun, mellow time.  We also witnessed an engagement!  There was a couple with a blanket on the hill but what made us notice them were the two photographers he had hired to photo document the event.  It’s crazy to me that someone (the woman) can be in situation where surveillance-like photos are being taken and have no idea but it’s hard to know everything that’s going on in background surroundings.

Sidenote: In looking up what meat SMS had bought, I found this list of “30 Essential Cured Meats.”  For me, big nopes include headcheese and zungenwurst.

After the winery, we headed back to the house.  Later that afternoon, we had a reservation for hot tubbing at Watercourse Way, followed by dinner with our friends Akshay and Jyotsna.  They were running late so Mark took me by his work and showed off the prototype car.  It’s pretty spectacular!  The building itself was very impressive- commercial/industrial real estate is fascinating to me.  It’s amazing how much planning and coordination of multiple systems have to be considered within the overall building design.

Environmentally painted tree in Palo Alto. Sure, whatever!

We went to Lazy Dog for dinner, which had really good food.  I ordered the spaghetti squash with “beetballs,” since I was craving veggies.  It was delicious.  Jyotsna, who placed her order later, was unlucky because I had ordered the last plate.  Maybe I will invite her over and recreate the dish as a makeup!

At the end of the meal, Akshay had requested a scoop of ice cream be brought out with a candle in honor of my birthday.  It was definitely embarrassing to be sung to in the restaurant but also very sweet of him to think of the mini-celebration.


The next day, I slept in which was delightful.  SMS and I decided to do something active so we headed over to Windy Hill for a hike.  It was gorgeous.  This time, we parked at the top, walked down Spring Ridge Trail and up Hamm’s Gulch Trail.  I definitely think this is the way to do it!  Walking down SRT allows for beautiful views of the valley while walking up HGT provides shade during the higher exertion part of the hike.

For dinner, we went out for Korean grill with two of our friends.  The food was delicious and the conversation quite interesting, since part of it involved Brexit from a British perspective.  Of course, they don’t represent all of the UK, but hearing about living through the referendum campaign was quite interesting.

Monday, I was on my own because SMS had to work.  #startuplife.  No matter!  I had a great day planned!  First, I went to Blue Bottle coffee and got an Americano.  I had been quite grumpy at them the day before because they totally ripped me off with a half-full espresso the day prior.  Picture a tiny espresso.  Now picture it even tinier.  Boo!  But clearly, I got over it quickly enough to go back, albeit still a little grumpy.

Get over it!  Ok, so anyway, then I went for a 10 mile run to the Stanford Dish, around, and back.  It’s actually only 9 miles total from the apartment and back so I had to add a mile at the end, which is always a little hard to motivate for but I did it!  Then, I went to Rangoon Ruby for lunch where I had the Tea Leaf salad (5 stars) and Nan Gyi Dok (noodle dish- would not recommend).



After lunch, I walked over to the Cantor Arts Center and walked through a couple of exhibits there.  Upon entering, there is the most incredible horse sculpture that looks like it is made of driftwood but is actually cast bronze.  The artist made ceramic casts of driftwood, filled them with bronze, and then shattered the ceramic casts once the bronze had cooled.  It was a stunning piece called Viktoria by Deborah Butterfield.

I also took in the 3 works that comprise Do Ho Suh’s The Spaces in Between exhibit.  They were interesting works using repetitive visual objects to create a larger piece/sculpture.


I also walked through Josiah McElheny’s Island Universe, where I inadvertently broke several rules.  First, I missed the strict designation for photo taking spots since, apparently, people had actually walked into the sculptures while taking pictures.  Poor form, ruining it (and the sculptures) for everyone.  To be clear, I did not do this.  The second thing I did was walk under a sculpture (that was suspended about 9 feet off the ground) because earlier in the exhibit, a piece had randomly fallen off of it.  So, basically, I walked through an exhibit full of reactive rules, ha ha.


I also saw the Betelgeuse by Spencer Finch, suspended over Rodin’s The Thinker.  Overall, it was a very cool museum outing that took a little over an hour.  On the way back home, I walked through Stanford Mall with beautiful flowers throughout the mall.

I could have stayed longer but I had to walk back to the apartment to get ready for my Korean spa appointment, which was an experience that was so amazing/crazy that it will have it’s own post.  I’m envisioning David Sedaris levels of hilarity although the reality will likely be just an extremely awkward post with bad and unwanted mental images.

That night, SMS and I went out to Camper, a restaurant that had caught his eye.  It was a really nice birthday dinner.  We ordered several dishes with an even split between the amazing and the ok.  The drinks were quite good.  The restaurant acoustics were pretty terrible and are making me contemplate a second career in acoustic design (I have ideas!).  Overall, I would recommend the place but there are still so many places we want to try that I don’t think SMS and I will be back anytime soon.  Does that make sense?  It was definitely a good experience but it didn’t vault itself into the “most become a regular spot” category.  I do think it is a regular spot for many because it was very crowded for a Monday night!

The next day, SMS and I went out for breakfast at Blue Bottle where we split an avocado toast and had our own hot drink.  After packing and picking up the apartment, I headed to the airport where I had a delightful lunch in the American Express Centurion Lounge (love that place!).  On the flight, I got a free drink since the United computer told the flight attendant it was my birthday!  I continued the corporate flare to my birthday by getting upgraded on the second leg AND getting a free Starbucks drink during the layover.  Happy birthday to me!  Why so much travel on my actual birthday day?  Well, I don’t have a lot of vacation time due to a big trip the second half of this month plus SMS would have had to work during the day so I decided to head back.  The weekend was celebration enough!

JEC Day 2 and Last Night in Paris

Our personal driver was back to escort us to JEC day 2.  It was quite cold, rainy, and windy out so it was nice to be indoors.  We finished up touring all the booths and went to a conference on Phenolic resins for fire resistance and low smoke.  It is an old material used extensively inside trains and airplanes where fire safety is critical.  We were also informed that Bakelite is still quite popular in Europe but has a stigma in the US as being old school.  Caroline always says that I am a bit old school.  I still program in Fortran so there you go.  I will need to find a use for Bakelite!

By this point in the trip, Adam’s wife Adrienne joined us.  Three is company so we headed to restaurant Allard, which ended up being a bit classic and that was the point.  Old school!  It was good but I do not think it is a must visit.  We finished up the night at the Rosewood Bar at Hotel de Crillon near Champs-Elysees.  It was Thrusday and as anybody from Palo Alto knows, Thursday night at the Rosewood Bar in Palo Alto is Cougar Night!  It did not seem to be the case in the Paris version.  Perhaps the $20 beers keep it low key.

Adrienne’s friend Adrian is the night manager of the hotel so we got to tour a room a nice courtyard and a banquet hall with views of the Eiffel Tower. The room had historic painted walls in it that have to be removed when they work on the interior.  It is only $1295 per night in winter so I was thinking of booking one for my next week in Paris.


Friday stared off with a visit to our supplier’s Paris headquarters.  On the walk from the metro we encountered a small street fair where we got crepes and an omlette sandwich.  Yum.  We had a French café lunch at their 8thfloor café.  The chef was a bit intense.  I think he probably joins the yellow vest protests even though he probably doesn’t have a car (fuel tax protest).  We finished up work early so it was off to the Catacombs of Paris which happened to be nearby our hotel.  The wait was about an hour.  If you book online then you can skip the line.


The Catacombs start off with a spiral staircase going down into the ground and it never seems to end.  Then a long narrow tunnel leads to what was once a limestone mine that got turned into an ossuary.  It is like a wine cellar but stacked with human bones instead of wine barrels.  The mines were used to “build Paris”.  In the late 1700s the then abandoned mines became the perfect place to begin moving remains from cemeteries.  At that time Paris was looking for room to expand and it turns out that the living needed the land more than the dead.

Friday finished off with a stop at Ker Beer, a new and hip beer bar full of Brittany style beers.  Apparently the 14tharr is all Brittan themed. Adrienne met us there and we headed off to a “Michelin Star” pho at Pho Tai in the 13tharr.  I am not convinced of this rumor but it was very tasty. They did have a few Michelin guides in the restaurant.  The broth was a bit more rich and less clear than traditional pho.


Saturday was our last day and I struck out on my own to walk the Luxembourg garden.  If there is one thing I like as much as old school it is tiny countries.  While not Luxembourg proper, the garden was nice.  It has rows of trees and a big palace of the same name.  From there it was off to the airport.  On the flight, I read Bad Blood cover to cover in one go.  It is a riveting true story of Silicon Valley drama at the company Theranos.  I am currently working in the old Theranos Newark lab.  Some of it still has the old lab space left untouched and some quotes on the wall by none other than the protagonist herself.

My flight landed in Oakland 11 or so hours later at about 7:00 pm and it was straight off to my friend’s birthday party in a newly gentrified and millennial feeling bit of Oakland at a restaurant/brewery Drake’s Dealership.  They made better use of the place than the car dealership it replaced.  It was a long Uber ride back to MP and I slept a good 12 hours that night.

Sunday Soliloquy #8

  • This week marked a return to real book reading rather than an e-reader.  I read two!  One was Jasper Fforde’s new book, Early Riser, which was good.  Very absurd but I enjoyed it.  I would recommend his Thursday Next series over this book though if you had to read just one of his books.  I also read Maeve Higgins’ Maeve in America which was a collection of personal essays.  There were a few on immigration that I quite liked but overall, the book was fine.  Not my highest rec but it was a quick read.
  • This weekend has been fairly mellow.  After a month of Whole 30 (yay!  done!), I ate some of Run Fast, Eat Slow‘s superhero muffins and my long run pace was about 25 seconds faster.  Yay!  I think carbs are helpful for endurance workouts (says almost every sports nutrition article out there, I know).
  • I went to a patient’s 90s hip hop birthday party that was a lot of fun  I dressed up in scrub pants, a shirt that had “NO” spray-painted on, and several attached scrubbie sponges.  Get it?  No Scrubs!  While I had to explain my outfit several times, it was definitely a hit once people got the joke.  As everyone knows, there’s nothing funnier than a joke that needs to be explained (waaaiiitttt….).  For those not up on their 90s hip hop, “No Scrubs” was a pretty big hit for the group TLC.
  • I’m off to California next weekend!  I can’t wait.  Then it’ll be two weeks before I head off to Japan!  I even have reservations at the New Sanno!  April is the month of no work, ha ha.