Last night was my first night of weekend call. So I got drunk. JUST KIDDING!!! I went home and surfed frivolous sites on the internet, mostly focusing on celebrity gossip. I figured I had “earned” a brain drain night so why not read about Dancing With the Stars “stars” whom I don’t even know? Heaven forbid I call my DAD whose birthday I missed a few days ago. I was reminding myself all day and guess what happened? Full birdbrain mode. But the West Coast thing is a little hard in terms of calling back East but I am expecting a huge phone call with lots of family members on the other end later today. Because they are at the Saratoga race track. Lucky!

I got a few calls last night. My main adventure was getting a fishbone out of a woman’s throat. Or rather, missing the grab so many times that she ended up swallowing it just to stop the midnight madness. Well, not on purpose but I was kind of hoping to fish it out like a big hometown hero rather than helping her swallow it. Watch out for that red snapper- it’ll getcha!

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