So my roommate and Bluey were introduced yesterday. Bluey is my car- my bright tomato red Hyundai Accent. She’s named Bluey after a 1960’s Cadillac I saw in the parking lot of Army-Navy Country Club with a “BLUEY” vanity plate. I loved the name, so I promptly stole it.

It fits b/c Bluey is a little retro, as my roomie found out (she drives a car that is just a scoosh above Bluey in the niceness factor). Not only are the manual locks and windows totally styling, but Bluey also has a tape deck. Yes. It’s true. And the car is a 2005! And guess what I just bought on Amazon? A cassette converter so I can plug my Diskman in and play cds. Just kidding, it’s for my iPod. But still, hip to electronics I am not. Just two days ago, I temporarily broke my beeper since I hooked it to my shirt and ran to work. Well, apparently sweat and beepers don’t mix. Who knew? Definitely not me. But it’s better now after I used the blow dryer for a bit. All that’s left now is to drop it in a toilet then wash it off in a sink. Oh, and maybe work out more often so that a 2 mile run is not at the exertion level of “Sweat until you break a beeper.”

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