I love “Vacation” by the Go-Go’s. It’s such a peppy, upbeat song. I love starting my mornings with it. But do you know what I love more…REAL VACATIONS!!!

In August, I was shocked when I heard that I got a week off every 3 months due to the way residency leave is structured. Even though I was quite the queen of leave while I was in Japan, I was expecting nose to the grindstone, internship-like leave (read: not much). Instead, I was told that awesome piece of news and moreover, when did I want to take off between Aug-Oct? Yay! I didn’t think I would get a week since I showed up later than previously planned but nope, not so.

So, I’m heading to the East Coast to visit Newport, RI; Boston, MA; and Martha’s Vineyard. I can’t wait, especially for the Martha’s Vineyard part. I have so many fond memories from that place, that I can’t believe that really, I’ve only been twice. I was there for an amazing pre-Senior week and then the best wedding I have ever been to. Not that I’ve been to many but there were so many fun people (yay college friends!), great music, and delicious food and drink.

Sorry this isn’t the most scintillating entry ever. I’m sitting in the Dulles “A” terminal waiting for my plane and it’s 3:40 SD time so my brain is a little fuzzy. Although not so fuzzy that I didn’t realize that the guy in the aisle seat was a stinker! I felt pretty badly for the girl in the middle. Gross!

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