Dare I Say It?

My love affair with my iPhone is cooling slightly. And do you know why? The ACCURSED ATT! I am not very impressed (at all!) with their signal strength and ability to penetrate building walls. Now I know when I sit in a lead bunker, it is reasonable to assume that it wouldn’t work. But really, when I’m sitting in a thin-walled hotel room next to a window, I don’t think I’m being overly demanding and petulant when I want my call to my B-ton friend to remain unbroken. Harumph!

And the “GPS” is not the best at realizing that people move as time passes. Which is problematic since that’s its job. But the GPS feels awfully fond of Providence and kept telling me I was on that side of the bridge, rather than lovely Newport.

Oh, little iPhone, wait, come back! I still love you. It’s just we’re having growing pains. Come heee-re. We have at least 23 more months together. We can make it work!

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