Back from Vacation!

I just came back from the most amazing vacation! I had such a great time in Newport/Boston/Martha’s Vineyard that I almost can’t be sad that it’s over because it was just so cool. Note the almost since in reality, I would be back in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

I’m a little jet-lagged and slightly fearing the time I need to get up tomorrow in order to go into work and prepare for the day. At least it will feel later in the a.m. since I’m firmly entrenched in New England time. Here are some pics to tide you over. The green-shirted ones are from the day out in Boston on the coolest North End culinary tour. The other pics are from the day we rode to Edgartown (beach photo) then made our first of three (3!) trips to The Net Result in Vineyard Haven for the most awesomely priced seafood ever.

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