Picture getting slugged in the gut with a pillow that’s just a little too firm. This slightly unpleasant sensation was mine when I drove into work this morning. Ugh, post-vacation hangover. But today was fine and I’m happy where I am even though a huge amount of work looms in the next few weeks. Most petrifying is Grand Rounds in about 4 weeks. I’m going to work on that (for SURE!) this weekend.

But back to my awesome, amazing vacation. I arrived in Providence last Wednesday and headed straight for Newport. The Fall foliage was slightly pre-peak, but beautiful. Newport was a trip. It’s hard to believe that this whole Navy thing started just six years ago. Same with the doctor thing, I suppose. But all those heinous hours of pre-med study means that, in my mind, that path started a little earlier. I ran around the base and saw the building where I stayed in June/July 2002 for OIS. Even better, I went to the Red Parrot and had a most DELICIOUS frozen drink. Essentially, it’s an Oreo milkshake but it was so good even if the weather may have been slightly unseasonable for a blender beverage.

Speaking of the weather (boring!), it was beautiful. I think there may have been one, max two, clouds in the sky the entire vacation. It was perfect outdoor weather and I think I’m going to try and have an outdoor theme to most of my future vacations since I spend so much time indoors.

After a night in Newport, it was off to Boston. I love you William Shatner! Priceline linked me up with an awesome deal to the Marriott Long Wharf, a completely beautiful hotel. Even though the main point of the Boston visit was to go on a 3 hour North End culinary/history tour, I also got to see two college friends and their beaus. Total bonus! And the tour was amazing. I learned so many new things to include cinnabark vs true cinnamon, boy vs. girl eggplants, the origin of carats as a measurement, what constitutes real balsamic vinegar and tons of other neat facts. Afterwards, lunch at a “true” Italian place (vs an Italian-American cuisine style) capped off an awesome morning/early afternoon.

Then…off to Martha’s Vineyard! Which I’ll save for tomorrow since I have to read a LOT before bed. All ENT stuff. I did read one book for fun on vacation though. The Maytrees by Annie Dillard. Her prose and lyricism are wonderful.

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