First, a clarification. I was not physically hung over driving into work on Wednesday. No, no. On planes, it’s strictly water for me. I had a mini-bottle of wine on a flight once and felt so desiccated, I never have really had the inclination since. I’m sure first class seating would rid me of that hang-up but since that has happened only once so far, I don’t think I’m due for another upgrade until mmmm…forever.

Besides, I always feel a little sorry for the first class passengers in sections where the whole coach cabin tromps by them on the way to the back during boarding. Lots of staring, which is different than casual people watching. This is a distinction a lot of people do.not.get. People-watching. Yay! I love people-watching. But this encompasses casual glances and mental registering of things of note. It is NOT frank, gaping staring as if the people one is watching have no eyes or general sense of their surroundings to include, for example, some rude person boring into them with his/her eye laser beams of tackiness.

Whew! Hello, soapbox. How are you today?

Lots of work today which is a guarantee that a post about the rest of my vacation is sure to appear since posts= procrastination! And maybe I will tell you about Boozy Boozerton who sat next to me on the flight. She was a little bit of a wastrel, for sure.

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