Beware being too chatty with patients…

Scene: 7 o’clock p.m. while sticking a scope in a guy’s nose.
Guy: So S.O. thinks you look kind of young for a doctor.
Me: Well, I’m about as young as you can get without being a Doogie.
Guy’s S.O.: Late 20’s?
Me: Yup
Guy’s S.O.: I have two family members who are doctors but they’re in their 50’s. One’s a *mumble*ologist and his wife is a general practitioner.
Me: Oh, a urologist! That’s a fun specialty. Yes, I always thought that would be a cool specialty but I felt that when I told my family, they’d always seem to think, “Why does a nice girl like you want to deal with penises for the rest of your life.

**Me, suddenly sensing that maybe, once again, my hearing got the best of me**

Me: Wait, you did say urologist, right?
S.O.: Actually, neurologist.
Me: Oh. That’s nice too!

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