Isn’t it Grand!?!?

Grand rounds are over! I presented on Friday. The talk was pretty solid but it was a difficult topic since I was trying to pull a whole bunch of retrospective case series into supporting a coherent conclusion. Tip: if you have a carotid body tumor, get it out early and just say no! to preoperative embolization!

And then I had the nicest weekend. I went out on Friday for an after work beer with Chris and Dan. It was a quick one, but delicious! Then on Saturday, I kind of lazed around then went to a Swedish vampire movie and Thai with my roomie and friends. The movie was very Scandinavian- lots of moody ambiance. Until vampire girl attacks!

Then on Sunday, I went to Cabrillo National Monument and went for an awesome, slightly hilly 5 mile run on the most beautiful day. 80 and completely clear. But never fear. I just got a box of clothes today filled with cold weather attire for my Thanksgiving holiday.

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