Christmas is coming!

The goose is getting fat, fa-la-la-la-la, Deck the Halls! Merry Christmas!

So my brother is coming tomorrow for a week, including Christmas. I’m worried he’ll think I’m the biggest, non-festive loser ever. I mean, really, I’m even on call Wed-Fri! Boring! And loser-ish!

And I have no food in the house. My diet is oatmeal, Kashi bars, cereal, cottage cheese and applesauce. Lately, it’s included ground turkey with beans after I evaporated all the water in my “chili” that I’ve been eating for the last three days. Oh, I sometimes have eggs! But it’s kind of amazing how little one person eats. I still have an eye for ingredients for 6-people scale cooking.

But I’m trying to think of fun things to do. So far, we’re going to a Christmas dinner at Sean’s house, with a few other work-related people. I’m going to make a veggie dish (maybe two?) and a dessert. We’re going to ham or beef, Court’s still making up the menu.

And we’ll go to Christmas mass, the logistics of which I always dislike because of getting there early to a crowded, stuffy Church and then someone who came late makes me feel guilty the whole time because it’s either a squirmy little kid or (more likely) a little ol’ lady. Full of the Christmas Spirit, I am. Still, I usually do give up my seat so being early is all for naught. But the Mass is always nice- I’m a sucker for that Nativity story, I am. And singing “Joy to the World” at the end is always so awesome. It’s one of the few songs that Catholics actually sing rather rousingly, rather than mumbliciously.

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