What would you do?

“AAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHHH, stop bleeding all over my laundromat McBleedy!”

I had just closed the level on a mega-washer that had a nice little niche for a finger until that niche was suddenly obliterated by the lever slamming into place as the door locked. Ow, ow, ow! My fingernail is ripped off almost halfway into the nailbed and I am bleeding. I’m grabbing dark items as I’m trying to make a fake bandage and I cannot believe what a bleedy, needy laundromat patron I’ve become. What if people think I’m trying to spread dangerous bloodbourne pathogens? I’m so embarrassed!

And I am convinced that somewhere, the owner or attendant is going to come up and start screaming about my ridiculous bleediness.

But instead, all I get is, “Do you want a bandaid?” I also get shown to the sink so I can wash off my bloody hand. Nice.

The laundromat is actually quite nice- clean with awesome-o machines that are super quick. So quick, I can’t even write too long of an entry. Next time, I’ll write about the awesomeness of receiving my household goods in my new place. It’s like Christmas. I even found out that I owned a TV. Crazy!

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