Where have I been? Ooooo, I know, I know! I’ve been busy with a whole lot of boring!

Yes, shockingly, the life of a junior resident is rather boring, at least on paper. I work a lot, woo-hoo! But things have been going really well and there are interesting stories but a medical blog- eh, that’s the whole reason why I write a little bit now and then. To get away from the all-consuming medical-ness of my life.

But, after an insane-o start to the week, things are mellowing out and this weekend, I might even go for a hike. And finish all the little “to-do’s” on my list so that my apartment is 100% ready-for-occupancy (read: host a dinner party without being embarrassed by my slob-o-ness). It’s hard to get an apartment looking great when the bed is in the living room, but I think this week will be the week.

I’m also going on leave next week! Hooray! It’s been a little while so it’ll be great to get away. And then I have one more month before research which I can’t WAIT for. Finally, I’ll get some time to work on papers and still get to leave at an early time.

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